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1. Nikola,

Greetings. While using the Web client on iOS 13, I can say that most things work pretty well. There's only one major glitch, sometimes double tapping on the chat wont work and you basically have no way to type until you restart the client. However, the main point of this topic is with dice games, especially Yahtzee. While playing Yahtzee, if you throw your dice, you have 2 elements for each number. For example, if you roll 1 2 3 4 5, while swiping you will notice one element labeled 1, and another one right after that which is a checkbox to select or unselect the dice. This somewhat slows the game down, so if you could make it so only the checkbox appears in Safari that would be great. Additionally, bringing back the feature to shake your device to roll the dice would be quite useful, not only in dice games. To conclude, there is still a major bug in Yahtzee which was already mentioned here once. I would prefer not to mention that one publicly since it can allow cheating, so if you don't already know about this issue I can report it on the contact page or wherever you wish. All of this probably applies to Zanzibar as well but I have not tested this game yet.
Thanks so much for keeping the web client up, even though I imagine it is extremely difficult to maintain with all the browser / system combinations available. It's a great way to play without an application for smartphones.
Ps: Happy birthday to Zorvax :)

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2. Aminiel,


The bug on Safari iOS 13 has been fixed, labels of checkboxes no longer appear double.

However, the shake feature won't reappear. Apple has disabled the use of movement sensors on the web. They claim that there's security issues.

You can use the contact page to signl a potentially harmful bug.

Thank you for your bug reports.

3. Dayan,

I actually sent you a permanent message like two years ago about the bug he talks about, if it is the one I think. You then asked me to show how it works, but never actually got contacted by you... So yes that bug has been there for two years or more by now.

4. Nikola,

Greetings Aminiel and thanks for your answer. Regarding motion sensors, if you are using those, Apple limited access to them in 12.2 but allows you to still let websites use them by going to settings, safari, and toggling the use of motion and orientation sensors under the privacy heading. For 13 though, it appears something changed and Apple now requires websites to ask for a permission, similar to location or notifications access. I wasn't able to find anything official about this, but if you are interested, check this link out and scroll to the heading called motion sensors.https://medium.com/@firt/iphone-11-ipados-and-ios-13-for-pwas-and-web-development-5d5d9071cc49
edit: It would appear as if Apple also briefly mentions it in their documentation. If you open this page and go to the security and privacy heading, under new features you'll find the below mentioned change. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safari_release_notes/safari_13_release_notes

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