weird glitch in monopoly

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1. ethan714,

so I was playing Monopoly today, and when I was trying to make a trade I had said that I would send $2000. however, one play room tried to make the trade it said $1998. i'm guessing this is a glitch or a bug in the system.

2. Aminiel,


Do you remember what options and board you were using ?

Was it a trade between you and another player or a bot ?

Thank you for this bug report.

3. ethan714,

this has happened to me on a regular basis no matter what bord i use.
this was a trade between me and another actual player.
as a bit of a sidenote I don't know if this information is needed, but I tested this on the windows client, iOS web client, in the web client on windows..

4. Lexi714,

I have also experienced this same glitch with Monopoly multiple times on basically all boards using the IOS web client

5. Aminiel,


It seems that the problem only occurs when trading and only in some of the boards. It will be fixed in the next server update.

6. berniesanderslover,

I have this regularly on all the boards

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