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1. YNWA,

I was playing Cribbage this evening and pressed Q to leave the table. When I left Miralina told me that the bot who replaced me had played twice before it became her turn.

As Miralina was table master I asked her to quit to see if the problem happened again. When Miralina left the table the bot who replaced Miralina played twice before it was my turn. Normally the bot should have played just the once as it was still possible for me to play as we were not even close to 31.

2. Aminiel,


Thank you for signaling bugs. I don't manage to reproduce the problem on my end for the moment.

Were you only two players, or were there more human or bots beside you two ?

Was it your turn when you left, or was it Miralina's ?

Thank you.

3. YNWA,

There were just 2 of us and no bots, we both tested the issue as the table master. We left the table when it was our turn without playing, the bot replaced us as usual then the bot managed to play twice when the hand should have passed over. We will test it again later but I had not seen this happen before.

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