Monopoly bug - just discovered

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1. helleon,

Just literally finished a game of monopoly and discovered a really weird bug. Twice I was told I had all of the properties in groups when, in fact, I didn't. at one point it was the stations group and at another public services. I'm pretty sure all of the properties were indeed sold, but definitely not all of them were mine. I was playing with the Super Board of 12 Nations.

2. Adventure-Time,

I have also encountered this bug multiple times, and apparently this occurs when you first play a game on a board of smaller size, and then switch to a bigger one while staying at the same table.

3. helleon,

Yup, that's what we did. Wonder why? Does the programme somehow think that the groups still have the same number of properties?

4. Aminiel,

Well done, the bug has been identified and will be fixed in the next server update. Thank you for signaling.

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