Bug in the playroom app in windows 10, help pleace

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1. Onisama,

Hi, I try to play with my roommates in the Playrrom.
At the beginning everything works perfectly but One day, everything changes.

In the pc of one of them the playrrom app stopped to work.
When he tries to log in playroom gives this message:
Unable to initialize application environment.
Error code: -4

We try all, instal actualizations of the sistem, uninstal and instal Playroom again but nothing works.

I don't know why it happenned but I would like to do it work.

That computer has windows 10.

My ount computer and my other roommate's computer has windows 10 too and works without problems.

2. Aminiel,


It seems that the playroom app has problems accessing c:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\QCGC\Sounds\

Normally this directory is created during playroom installation. Make sure that it exists and that the playroom is allowed to use that directory.

IF the directory doesn't exist after installation of the playroom, it seems that something is wrong with your windows setup. Possible cause: does your windows username contains non-alphanumeric characters ? I know that some people have problems with that.

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