An interesting 1000 miles bug

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1. Nikola,

Hello. Just noticed something rather weird in 1000 miles. If the deck is empty, you cannot draw any cards, and your opponent plays a red light to stop you. You have a joker in hand, but unrelated, for example driving ace. The Playroom wont allow you to play it because it thinks you are attempting a dirty trick, even though you cannot draw. So I thought fine, I will play it in the next turn. However, it wont allow you to play the card at all, and you have no choice but to junk it and thus wont get your points for the joker.

2. Aminiel,

Thank you for reporting this bug.

Can you tell how many players you were at the table, and which options were selected ?

3. Nikola,

Sure. 2 players, default options, so no cumulation of problems, no extended cards and logically no reshuffling. The score limit was 5000.

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