Possible bug in Black Jack.

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1. Dayan,


So, when you are playing Black Jack with another person and the other person leaves, the table opens. I consider this shouldn't happen since Black Jack can be played alone. It's not a major bug and actually I could have put this topic at the suggestions and comments, just I wasn't sure where does it belong to, as I am not sure if it's a bug or it's supposed to work this way.

2. facelessghost,

In QuentinC's Gameroom, when I was playing with someone, the following happened to me:
if a person left the table, then the bot joined from the system, and I could finish the game, but it works if you play in three or with a large number of players.
when playing for two, the table simply opens and you need to start the game with either a bot or invite a player to play.
this is how all games in QuentinC's Gameroom work.
If I'm wrong, correct me.
I didn’t check the situation specifically for your game.

3. Nikola,

Generally, if a game can continue without a bot then the one is not added. For example in uno, the rest of the cards can just be returned to the draw pile. However, in scopa for example, it does not make sense to simply get rid of some cards, so a bot replaces someone who leaves. For black jack, I assume this is by design and it is assumed you don't plan to continue the game, but as I find black jack generally quite pointless with multiple people Aminiel will probably clarify it better.

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