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1. Rhapsody,

. I'll probably start with a little detail-I recently read the rules of the game of backgammon, and I do not understand why it is written that this game is considered Anglo-Saxon, and was born in ancient Rome? after all, backgammon was very popular in the East, and it was born there. I specifically decided to find out once again from various sources - that this is an Anglo-Saxon game is out of the question, and Eastern countries such as Persia and Egypt are mentioned everywhere.
now about the game "1000 miles" - I have recently not triggered the map "right way" when I want to play a dirty game. and I also want to write about the card reset function, using the "j" key - the rules indicate that not all cards can be reset, but in fact it turns out otherwise. because of this, the meaning of the "cons-sense" move" card disappears, due to which the player against whom this card was played must move backwards, or slip in place, and instead he can simply discard the cards with miles. why, in this case, need a "cons-sense"? or you could make it so that cards can only be reset under certain conditions.
I also want to say about the game "citadel" - I read in the rules of the original that two people can play with two characters, and when there are more of them, new characters appear, such as the artist, the sorceress, and so on. I would really like the developer to implement the ability to play together, as it is provided by the rules; there are so few people in the game room, and it is not as interesting to play with bots as with a live person.
there is also something to say about the game "eternal second" - why did the developer publish it if it is not translated, and even there are no rules for this game on the site?
and I also noticed a bug in the game "hearts", when the bot stops playing at some point - this happened when playing three together, with two real players and one virtual. by the way, this game can be played by two people - this kind of game is called "Domino hearts".
and in General - it is very nice that the developer reads the forum and explains every detail of what was written. I think these comments will not be ignored. I will wait for new games, or at least, amendments to the current ones, when the developer has time.

2. Nikola,

Greetings. About the eternal second, originally this game was created as a joke on the first of april by the developer himself annd was later removed. However, people found it interesting and it was added back, however with no rules written as of yet. I have explained the rules in a past topic, and if you are interested you can find that one on the game is also translated fine, at least in English. The only part in French is the game help pressing f1, but that is not so important as the shortcuts are the same as in other trick taking games.
I also agree about Citadels and hopefully the developer will have time to expand this game as it is a great one.

3. Aminiel,


About 1000 miles, I don't understand very well your problem.
Consense isn't part of the original game, it's my addition.
It would be quite unfair if you were forced to play miles under consense, so you can always junk them.
In fact, I made it especially for those who don't pay attention.

About hearts, you need to be much more precise if you have spotted a bug.
I didn't know at all that there existed a version for 2 players, maybe I'll check that out one day.

ABout Citadels, at of 2020 four editions of the physical game exist.
The playroom currently only covers the 1st, released around 2000, except for the queen taken from the 2nd edition.

At some point in the future, I really would like to cover the three other versions entirely, but:

4. YNWA,

Yes it is not easy getting info on the citadel cards as I tried some time ago to try to find something that could help but sadly I failed.

Who invented what or when is less important when teaching games or learning them yourself so I don't care too much about that. I did find an interesting article about Backgammon and its creation but not suitable to post a link here as some of the language was lets say colourful.

5. Rhapsody,

well, adding new characters in "citadel" is not so important now, I just focused my attention on making it possible to play this game for two people. well, about 1000 miles, I still do not understand the purpose of this card, since it will not perform its function, since the player can discard cards that he could play and go back. only a player who does not know about this option of discarding cards can foolishly go back. and does the "right way" card not work for me alone when playing dirty? sometimes even I can be thrown out of the game room if I click on this card.

6. Everyone,

It does work for me. Though I think sometimes, it does not work if for example somebody plays a speed limit card on you while you already have another problem, but that might be intentional. After all, the idea of a dirty trick is that you can start driving immediately after having played it, and you can't do that if you have multiple problems.

I think that's what you're trying to get at, anyway. But I'm not entirely sure if I understood correctly.

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