Bug with saved tables

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1. squalinator ,

Months ago, I had played a uno game with someone and saved the table halfway through. At the time my username was godmother, and I've changed my username twice after that. However, I just noticed that I'd saved this table today and it still showed up in the list as: Uno with godmother and soundarya, 06.09.2019 10:16:06
Thought I should bring this to notice.

2. Vojvoda ,

It's not a bug though, it just showes the date and time and your username you had at that time, I find it even fun so yeah.

3. squalinator ,

lol yeah, I thought it was funny too

4. Aminiel,


This won't be fixed. The name reflects who was on the table at that moment and it isn't dynamically changed over time.

5. squalinator ,

Ah, alright. I see it now.

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