Very strange table behavior

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1. Everyone,

Hi, I saw this twice in 24 hours now, so here's a report. Sadly I don't have too much info, but I think both of these incidents are related.

Yesterday I joined a table with some players who weren't even online, and my client locked up. Sometimes I did receive output from the client, but I couldn't do anything. Today while I was playing uno, a bunch of people were disconnected, then something similar happened to me, where I couldn't do anything but I did hear things coming in. Disconnecting a few times seemed to have fixed it, but then I was transported to the main room, joined the table where I was before, and it was apparently my turn, even though I clearly left the table. Then the table was saved, but nothing else happened, I wasn't transported back to the main room, and I once again couldn't do anything. I also saw other people disconnecting. So I think something is broken with communication between the server and the client. Is it possible some changes were made in the last few days which could cause this?

I hope the explanation was detailed/clear enough.

2. Fawaz,

happened to me and my friends so many times in different games, like 99 and monopoly

3. Everyone,

Hmm. Since when has it started happening for you? I think for me it was only yesterday, but I'm not sure.

4. Adventure-Time,

It'S been a while now. I remember encountering this kind of obscure situation on January 19th, and it has happened about two more times since then.

5. Nikola,

Yes, I can definitely confirm that I saw quite a few connection bugs similar to what you have described. I personally encountered it about a week ago, and even though I did not have any crashes I did see people on a table who are not even online. It is of course impossible to give a clear way to reproduce the bug, so probably hard to find as well, but it is definitely a recent problem, perhaps from the latest update about a month ago. Good luck in finding the issue, I will try to find some more information if I happen to encounter it again.

6. Aminiel,


We also observed such strange bugs on the last weeks. Sadly we still don't understand the pattern.
Any information could be useful.

We are also tracking the bot strikes. They might well be closely related.
If you see the bots stop working for a while, any information is also welcome.

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