Bug with the game duration timer

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1. Nikola,

Greetings. This is something I have noticed on an Uno table, however it is possible it happens in other games too. When the game is over, the timer on ctrl t does not stop and keeps going as both the time for the current round and overall game. This goes on until of course a new game is started, thus restarting the timer. I believe that the timer should stop going after the game is over, thus allowing you to see accurately how long a game lasted. At present, even when a player wins it does not seem to affect the game duration time.
Thanks for your responses, and for making great and detailed statistics like these.

2. Adventure-Time,

Just confirming that it's indeed related with all game tables.

3. YNWA,

Not tested it but if you pause a game would it stop the timer?

4. Nikola,

Just tried, and no the timer does not stop in round pauses either. Although a different bug, still related so good idea and nice catch.

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