1000 Miles Error Message

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1. wildflower,

I've noticed when playing a longer game, over 5000 miles, that after 3 or 4 rounds or so, the game goes into an error message and freezes up. I can't tell you wat the message is because the message always seems to be spoken in French and I only speak English. The only word I can make out is error. I run Windows 7 and use JAWS 12. I have not downloaded the latest update for JAWS due to the problems it has caused a lot of people. This freeze has happened to me 3 or 4 times in the past couple of days. Thanks in advance. -- Gena

2. Aminiel,

You don't need to know french. Just copy-paste it. I can't know what's the problem otherwise.

3. wildflower,

OK, I'll copy and paste next time it happens. I'll go try it now and let you know soon. Thanks.

Below is the error message that I am getting after playing for a while in the game 1000 Miles. The game was set for a target score of 15000 miles. In setting
up the game all options were set to yes except the extracards which include the cons cards. I hope this helps. It took a while for it to give me this error
message but, I copied and pasted it like you said.

Error Message:
Problème n°3002 détecté ! Si ce problème persiste, veuillez quittez cette table et en recréer une nouvelle.

Latest edition by Aminiel, May 5 2011 18:57:33

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