several bugs in the game of chess

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1. ikramy,

hi, there are some dangerous problems in the game of chess.

1. imagine this sinario:1. e4 e5. 2. Nf3 Nc6. 3. d3 Nf6 4. Bg5
now, do you imagine that the bishop on g5 can be captured with the h7 pawn? strange! right? but try it yourself. our courageous pawn can move like a knight and capture after a nice jump. this of course is applied to any piece in the fifth row from the white prospective. i.e. if a queen in c5 for example, the b7 and the d7 pawn can courageously end her life.

2. the en-passant move is not available in this game. it is not the place where to explain what the en-passant move is, but surely the well-versed chess players know what is it. but in short: If player A's pawn moves forward two squares and player B has a pawn on its fifth rank on an adjacent file, B's pawn can capture A's pawn as if A's pawn had only moved one square. This capture can only be made on the immediately subsequent move. In this example, if the white pawn moves from a2 to a4, the black pawn on b4 can capture it en passant, ending up on a3. i hope if this rule could be implemented.

3. a problem in castling:
in order to make it clear, the castling should be valid if four conditions are achieved:
1.The king and rook involved in castling must not have previously moved;
2.There must be no pieces between the king and the rook;
3.The king may not currently be in check, nor may the king pass through or end up in a square that is under attack by an enemy piece (though the rook is permitted to be under attack and to pass over an attacked square);
4.The king and the rook must be on the same rank

clear? i think it is clear. now, in our client, if the king is checked once, and this check was prevented without moving the king from its place, the player is no longer be able to castle. very annoying bug actually. you can even review the rules of chess on the international federation of chess website to make sure of my word.

4. there are several translation mistakes in terms of grammar and spelling, but it could be endured if the three previous bugs have solved.

thanks in advance

2. Aminiel,

Thank you for that good report. It's too late for the update of this morning, but I'll check all these points for a next release.

The first point is really a strange bug ! I will check it, for sure. Before it gets corrected, be fair, don't use it against your opponents, as you know it's not valid move normally.

For the castling. I had a confusion. I was not sure if the first condition was the king ahsn't moved or the king has never been checked. Infortunately, I chose the wrong one.

Latest edition by Aminiel, May 8 2011 15:20:24

3. siddharta,

Hi all, this is my first post and I just would like to thanks all the team for this special gift you gave us.
I've discovered a serious bug in moving pawn. Here it is.
Imagine this cenario (no matter where the other pieces are).
White: pawn in f2, kNight in f3.
White's move f4 and... :) the move is allowed! The pawn jumps over the knight and reach f4. :)
Thanks and read you soon. All the best for the project. Gabriel, Italy.

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