Some Issues Concerning History Report

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1. mayya,

Hello everyone

First, I would like to thank you for being always causious about sending us your history reports to tell us about game bugs, users' abuses, multiple accounts, spams, etc.

Yet I wish to pay your attention to 3 important things here:

1) When you send your history report, make sure to choose the right option. If you wish to report a bug, you need to choose the 'game' option. If you want to report a chat history, you need to choose the 'chat' option. Make sure to specify the object of your history report, because admins cannot read the whole history and start to guess what the problem is. So please make sure that your object is clear enough. For example, if someone is using words crashing voice syntheses, you need to write something like: xxx is crashing my voice synthesis.

2) when you are on a table where there is something to be reported, no need that all of you send the same history. if you decide that only one of you sends the history report, it is largely enough. I am saying that because now, what happens is that all people sitting on the same table send the same report history, and this slows down the process of treatment of these history reports. so if you know that a bug/abuse has been reported by another player, no need for you to do the same thing.

3) If a player sends a 'chat' report to signal an abuse, this does not mean that this person is safe from punishment. You need to know that when you send a history report, it includes all your history. so if you complain about someone having insulted you, and then we find out that you also insulted, this means that you both are issue of punishment.

A last thing please, avoid giving us instructions about what we need to do. I mean, no need to write things like 'ban x from the playroom' or other sentences like that. We know very well how to deal with abuses, insults, etc.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and your understanding


2. tayem1997 ,

ets wilcome

3. wolfi,

thanks and really good job mayya, but actually and to be honest the playroom is starting to have more spamers and insulters and a lot of accounts for same people, I hope you can fix it and thanks good job admine.

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