What you like to game?

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1. albaghdadi ,

Hello all. What is best game for you?

2. LaraStardust,


3. dalimidvecimidvenedali,


4. Riad,

Uno, of course

5. afrim,

Scopa, no doubt.

6. CathyAnne,

Farkle, uno, rummy.

7. MuhammadHajjar,

Uno, ninety nine, yahtzee, farkle, monopoly,.

8. albaghdadi ,

Welcome to all. I wait the answers from everyone. greeting

9. fire-starter,

uno for me

10. NovaLenada ,

Uno. Or free tabling. :D also scopa cribbage and scientific war could be.

11. Colibriy,

Uno in spite of all my losses, Cribbage and Scientific War; of course, me horse.

Latest edition by Colibriy, Sep 15 2015 03:11:18

12. basket,

I actually love jass but unfortunately not many play it.

13. filibuster ,

Uno, Yahtzee

14. BhavyaShah ,

Below are my game preferences in order:

  1. UNO
  2. Monopoly (used to be an avid Monopolier, now am of my above first choice)
  3. Free Table (extremely fun with a big crowd going) :D:D
  4. Farkle (when you are getting bored)
  5. Shut The Boxes (when you want to chill out with some friends)
  6. 1000 Miles (sometimes, for a change)
  7. Dominoes (too boring for me, rarely play it, guess Connect 4 should be equal to or a bit higher than Dominoes)
  8. 8.Scoper (still learning, so no rating in actuality)
  9. The Little Exam (if you are that kinda guy, you might enjoy this, not for me)
  10. These are my few personal opinions and ratings. Hope they are helpful.
    Best Regards,
    Bhavya Shah.
    P.S. I wouldn't mind if a poll would be created in the future for rating of the best games, just for fun, perhaps! :)

15. trol ,

i don't have preferences :p i like them all!

16. albaghdadi ,

What is your opinion in Ninety nine? It's great alright?

17. aravis,

for me - 1000 miles, dominos, yahtzee, 99, scopa, cribbage, reversi and farkle. but i must say some games are much more interesting for real, like dominos and uno.

18. helleon,

1: Uno
2: Monopoly
3: 1k miles
4: Cribbage
5: Scopa
6: 6 Takes
7: The Lil Exam
8: Jass
9: Builibaise
10: 99
11: Farkle
12: Shut The Boxes
13: Dominoes
14: Yahtzee

19. musiclover,


20. mohamedhh901,

اه hi all

21. ManCity ,

Uno with out a doubt. That's what has me coming on here afterall with all that excitement for that game.

Latest edition by ManCity , Dec 15 2015 14:55:55

22. mohamedhh901,

i like 1000 miles

23. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Ninety nine, Scopa, and Farkle!

24. MuhammadHajjar,

Ninety aight, two thousand miles, paid table, connect 5, 9 takes, American tarot, cut the foxes, and much more/

Latest edition by MuhammadHajjar, Feb 2 2016 17:01:49

25. YNWA,

Connect 5 does exist but connect sevrnrnrn is better!

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

MikeyBoy obstinate the games names. :DDD

27. each-and-everythinh ,

i like pretty much all the games here but my favourite ones are connect four , scientific war and just recently added backgammon, but i also like trick taking games such as bouillabaisse , spades or belote. Not so much a fan of dice games though

28. mahdi_aliraqi,


29. aminelog25,

uno, 99, 1000 miles, monopoli, farcl, blac jac, batle ship, chess, etc etc

30. MuhammadHajjar,

Wow, Amin likes the same games I like, but eccept blackjack.

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