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1. jotes,

hi, i'm from the italian server i want to organize a uno tournament.
for now we are in 4 partecipant but i want minimun 16. There is not limit of people that can partecipe.
I would like to make the tournament in the english server because people from other server can partecipe.
who want tell me.

2. fire-starter,

awesome stuf

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There is already a Uno league team. And if you have Italian people, then create it in Italian server. Am I wrong? :D

4. jotes,

if you don't want to partecipe don't doit.
i don't know why i can't make a uno league if there is an other.
me, want evry people play no only italian.
if you don't want partecipe stay a way

5. YNWA,

It is true there is already another uno tournament here but I see no harm in advertising here to make up the numbers. Some of the players are out of Krish's tournament so may be prepared to participate in your competition. I would speak to Krish though to ensure there is no clashes.

The rules do say here that if you make the table private and everybody is happy then you can speak in English and Italian. It won't be the first time or last time it has happened.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Can't you behave yourself before understanding anything? I said there is already a Uno league. And if you have Italian people, then why on the English part. I don't see the point though. If your table is private then it's OK.

7. Dayan ,

@CocoaTray and what's wrong of making it on the english part? I mean... Does really a language make the difference? I won't be able to join to the tournament, or actually i would be, but I have no time for those already... Hope you succeed with it, and as I said, I don't see anything wrong of him making the tournament in the english part. Buona Fortuna! or however it is. :D

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There is already a Uno league, but why not on the Italian server because he will play with Italians. LOL why on the English one!

9. jotes,

the table will be private when the partecipants is in the table.
i need 3 people in the table because one have to save the table

10. each-and-everythinh ,

what the hell went wrong with this forum? Now people are even against tournaments just because hm , the person wants to do both english and italian to have more players. Ridiculous.

11. jotes,

i repeat for evry one that talk before thinking
if you don't want to partecipe stay a way
i don't see the problem if i want make tournament in english server is because i want play against people from different servers
for you is a problem?

12. Mayank ,

If someone wants to organise a tournament I don't see a problem it being on the english server. even if there's a league happening, I don't think that should be an issue. It's their choice. Don't raise pointless objections.

13. jotes,

who want partecipate?
evry one that don't want partecipate don't reply a this message

14. MRMagenta,

Please, Say options that will be used.

15. jotes,

i want use evry rules.
but if people don't want we tink about it to getter

16. fire-starter,

Hi jotes, u advice u to enable the following rules:
2+4 responce
super interceptions
scorelimit 250 or 300 for a tourney
no thinking time

kind regards

17. jotes,


18. Cristina,

And when would take place this tournament?
As fire-starter has said, those rules are very ok. Don't activate buzzer card and 0 7 rules too. They are not good, especially when it is a tournament.
When I will know when this tournament will be organized, I think that I would want to take part in.
Regards, Cristina

19. MRMagenta,

Don't activate interseptions I am not good at that.

20. jotes,

yes, i don't want to activate the 0/7 and buzzer rules.
for now i can tell to all that want to partecipe to train in uno.
the tournament will take place in the english server.
because if i make it in the italian people don't understand italian.
i want that evri one can understand the language.
for now in the tournament we are in 6 i need minimum 10 players.
if you have friends from other servers invite them in the tournament i will welcome evry one.

21. Everyone,

Awesome, you'll welcome me! Well I'd be down, as long as it doesn't coincide with the other league... heh.

22. Rasit,

I want to join to The Tournament

23. jotes,

yeahh wondarfool more people join.
the minimum players is 16 to get start to the tournament the maximum is 64.
when you are ready can we start tell me when you are disponible

24. jotes,

we are soon to the start.

25. jotes,

perfect we are in 16
what do you want to do? start or wait?

26. Angelina-princess,

Hello, I have the same question with Cristina . When will be happened?
I hope I can take part in that, just depend on the time. I think my timezone is quite different with people & I must go to work in the early morning from Monday to Saturday then.

27. basket,

Please ignore all messages from participation, registration and take part. Thank you.

28. jotes,

for now there is not a date.
@angelina if you want i can count you and tell you the date when we are ready.
so, i have to cancel registration participation and take-part from the tournament?
thei tell me that are banned.

29. MRMagenta,

Hie, I want to join, I am not shoore that I will come, But say me in wich time this tournament. Just say me a time and I will say my answer.

30. silverleaf57,

I would like to join to

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