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1. Pavkov,

yo yo everybody! Since I started playing crazy party, I went crazy for this game. I started playing it with my friends online and we came to idea to make Crazy party league. Every winner would get 3 points, loser 0 and game without a winner 1 point to both. There is also an idea of team game, where two on two would play, everything will be the same just winners would be these who have more points in a game together. Who is interested or has more questions, suggestions about this and etc can reply here or conntact me in playroom. Best regards

2. daniel.angus.macdonald,

is this game currently on the Playroom?

3. each-and-everythinh ,

Hello , no crazy party is not a playroom game , but it's an audiogame which you can find at

4. musiclover,

what is that

5. grobar ,

Clearly explained in post 3.

6. jotes,

can i participate too in crazy party?

7. Saniel_Morse,

Hi guys, since we're talking about Crazy Party online, I came up with a question: how can I open the ports so that this works? I was told that's done in the router's settings, but I haven't found the option yet. Other videos on Youtube suggest you to use UTorrent, though that doesn't make sense at all for me. I'm aware of there's an option to choose the port manually, but at a given case, how do you know the available ones to use? Thanks a lot!

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Oct 4 2016 05:06:26

8. CathyAnne,

WWell, where can I find that game? i didn't see the link for the web site?

9. grobar ,

Read 3rd post

10. jotes,

some body can send me the link to download crazy-party?

11. the-supreme-AI,

very intrested in crazy party and would like to conect with you guys maybe someday? my username's the same

12. grobar ,

This topic is pretty old, however i'm still thinking of doing if not a league, then for sure a crazy party tournament in the near future, and will probably announce on forum once that happens.

13. Pavkov,

Hm I think we should announce it already on the audiogames forum because this should be some kind of Christmas tournament. I am looking forward to this.

14. bloodsharp,

yes i think that wood be fun

15. jotes,

can you send me the link to download crazy-party please?

16. grobar ,

Can you read the whole topic please?

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