Let's Share Our Twitter Handles

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1. BhavyaShah,

I was just wondering a while ago about the number of Playroomers maintaining their online presence on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Let's start a chain of messages sharing our Twitter handles, following each other, and mentioning our fellow Playroomers in Tweets.
My Twitter handle is @BhavyaShah125 and you can view my rather limited Twitter activity on www.twitter.com/bhavyashah125 . Would certainly appreciate some likes and follows!
Looking forward to discovering you all on Twitter too!

2. Slavista,

Although i don't have any tweet yet, my account is @Slavista95

3. ali.altikrety,

my twitter is wolfheart

4. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, mine is @colibripacheco, in case of you want to stay tuned of my madnesses or simply to contact me. I'm very active here, so if you can't find me in somewhere else you can use Twitter to do so!

Kind regards.

5. soundarya,

Hey guys I haven't been active on twitter for a couple of years but I am going to use it again.
Is the cube working? or do I have to use TW blue?
My id is @soundaryakp

6. BhavyaShah,

Soundarya - Although I am unsure about the cube, TW Blue is certainly working perfectly well, and that's my one-stop choice of a Twitter client. Again, feel free to follow or direct message me at @bhavyashah125

7. soundarya,

If the cube works certainly I would use it. that has many amaising shortcuts that are just awesome and workds as a nice time saver.

8. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Well I personally prefer tw blue which I found it good and kinda stayble client for twitter usage. Speaking of twitter, feal free to follow me or contact me on twitter my user name there is: Muhammad_Hajjar

9. devinprater,

I use TW-Blue. My handle is @devinprater

10. Vojvoda,

mine Stevan_kunst

11. tc72,

The Qube is still working

But You can't write tweets on it

My twitter Username is abdullah95211

feel free to follow Me

12. Lumina,

I do use Tw blue as well, I found this client very accessible and comfortable for me. Since I didn't use twitter for some years I've started to use it again cause of much better way to deal with it.

13. sunny,

Hey beautiful people.
I have been active on the microblogging site for more than six years now. earlier the client i used for tweeting was qwitter, it turned into TheQube, and after TheQube stopped working, I'm using TWBlue now. it almost has the same keystrokes as TheQube.
And those people interested in following me or chatting to me over their can follow me @yousafsaleem7

14. Piciok,

Mine is @piciok like everywhere I appear online.

15. riad,

mine is riadassoum. Feel free to follow or DM whenever you want, but no excessive public mentioning! XD

16. LaraStardust,

mines @nathansmith7713

17. Carinchen,

our blog ones is @andereblogger

18. Lynne_1630 ,

My Tw is blue_enaalc_16_.

19. LetsRoll,

HI guys, if you can manage to get a hand on chicken nugget client, do check that out as well. that's a fantastic client. and by the way, I can be followed @ farhanahmed90

20. manuelcortez,

Mine is @manuelcortez00

21. Saniel_Morse,

Reading some messages I noticed that someone mentioned CN; don't know what's going on with that client, but when I use it it stops responding so I keep using both TWBlue and Tweetings, for Windows and Android, respectively. Kind regards!

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