Group Draws for the Uno Cristmas Special.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

A very warm greetings, the draws for the uno tournament has been done. These are the groups:

Group (A)

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H


  1. There are few players on the stand-by list and if a player won't turn up on time then they will be replaced accordingly to the list.
  2. The format will be exactly like the champions League where by the 4 players in each group will fight for top 2 finish so that they can qualify to the eliminations which is final 16.
  3. The first round will be played with 2 and 4 responses, Interceptions, super-interceptions, bluffs and the score limit will be fixed to 350 points. From the second rounds all other rules will remain same accept for the score limit which will increase by 50 in each round respectively.

For further queeries or questions please feel free to drop it here or you can catch me or Fawaz through Private messages and permanant messages.
So all the best and prepare well, lets see who will be the champion of 2016 and lets see which country takes the title of best player in Uno.

Regards The Uno tourmanent team Krrish and Fawaz.

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Nov 29 2016 13:17:33

2. Cristina,

Hey Krrish!

i see my name among the players who will compete, although i've told you, that unfortunately I'll not be able to take part in as I wished, because on the date when the tournament will start, it will be an important event where I need to be present.
My apologies and i hope everything will be ok and all of you will have a lot of fun.
Thank you and good luck!
Kind regards, Cristina!

3. MagicalKrrish,

oh sorry Cristina, i over looked your queery, therefore you will be replaced by Reklaw.

4. Pavkov,

Why did you put me in the group with the best uno player here? I Was praing to god for 3 days not to be with Dalibor in the group.

5. fire-starter,

haahahaha, its randomly drawn

6. the-alchemist,

Damn, you are cruel. Group B, just... Wow. Definitely some good players going out in the first round already. I'm going to try to not be among them!

7. Cristina,

Haha, that's what i wanted to say everyone. He should thank God because he did not get a spot in the group B.
I call that group, the most deadly one.

8. Pavkov,

One question: do we play in the same time i mean the whole group we 4 in one game?

9. Fawaz,

O man that group B!! When I saw the drawn groups I mesaged Krish like man there is a group so crazy, simbly unpredictable!
And simonovic No, you'll be playing 1v1. so you'll have 3 matches in groups stage.
and top 2 will move to top 16.
good luck all!!

10. YNWA,

There are 2 options for draws. Seeded or unseeded. As with anything you need a bit of luck. I don't know how the next round is done but usually the advantage of playing a quality player in your group is you avoid them until the later stagers of the competition. Also even if you come second you can still go through. I know this year unknown players have gone on to win tournaments so who knows how things will turn out.

11. Pavkov,

Favaz thanks for the answer

12. keyWasFull,

I'd say group A is about on par with group b and that there's a good chance the winner will be from one of those two, though some previous winners are in other groups and could do it again also.

13. MagicalKrrish,

I would have used seeding system but unfortunately some of the players who finished in top 8 last time around are not part of the tournament this time, so that option became out of the question! and to clear up the air about cruellity its all random drawing. All we can wish for is not to be falling with the players which we do not want to meet in the group stages! but the unthinkable do happens at times. As Ynwa has mentioned it can be an advantage, You can play the strong Uno players in the group stage and you will be less assure of meeting them in the later stages. But now a days its very hard to predict, the worse player can even win on his lucky day! hahhahhha. Anyway i did mentioned the timings in the registeration topic and if in case you forgot it then this is just for your information that the tournament will commence on 10th and 11th December, starting at 10:00AM Eastern US, 8:00am western, 9:00am central, 3:00pm UK, 5:00pm Egypt, Albania and some other countries, 6:00pm turkey, Bahrain and middle east and some European contries, 3:00pm in Spain, 8:30pm in India, 9:00pm in Vietnam, 4:00AM in Fiji, 2:00AM in Australia and some other pacific Island countries.

So all the best and good luck.

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Nov 30 2016 12:35:09

14. the-alchemist,

LOL you just took me way too seriously, I know it's random. But its all good... Bring it!

15. afrim,

I find Group D highly challinging and fairly unpredictable

16. muteb_almarri ,

wate is the time i come to game 11 or 12?

17. Fawaz,

For Saudi Arabia 6PM.

18. MagicalKrrish,

Hi all, this weekend is the tournament, on Saturday and sunday so catch all the participants on the mentioned time above.
Regards Krrish

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