If twitter and skype and mobile numbers and user names, why not street addresses

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1. keyWasFull,

Hello, I know we have threads for all of the above so why not tell us where you live?

2. YNWA,

Perhaps it is because people are not living! We are all just dreaming.

3. Shewolf ,

Wou, this game will reach to bank accounts i think xdd. Hahaha.

4. grobar ,

It's becoming stupid.

5. YNWA,

Don't say bank accounts. If Abdulrahman has even half as many bank accounts as he has accounts on the PR we could be here forever!

6. the-alchemist,

I live everywhere!

7. The-warlord,

I live in the milky way.

8. Cristina,

I live in Loveland on Wonder street, cuz I fell in love with an alien. i hope, that'll be forever. :D

Latest edition by Cristina, Dec 2 2016 06:51:41

9. afrim,

I think I live somewhere over there.

10. Oana-tN,

I think i live on the blue planet. but i am not sure, xd

11. Dayalu,


For Who wants to visit Me: Here is My address

I'm living in Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005, India

12. Pavkov,

Are you serious? lol

13. Dayalu,

Yep I'm

14. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, I was going to make a joke about this but I wasn't sure hot to proceed, then I won't say anything :DD.

But, I live somewhere over the raimbow! LLL.

15. the-alchemist,

That's pretty obvious though. You live near your family, or wherever there are baby merkit to devour.

16. Aminetr25 ,

I live in a room in the north east corner of my house. Good? :)

17. sopralto,


18. Daredevil,

4 Private Drive. I live with the Dursleys and Harry Potter! LOL :)

19. Oana-tN,

i live in this world. and done

20. luis20,

I leeve in Panama, my country, my lovely country, in my house, in my studio...

21. mohammed55,

i'm live in my nothing, i only dreaming about the wirld

22. Saniel_Morse,

Rofl, could there be someone in here who lives in the Christmas islands? Really that exists :D.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Dec 23 2016 19:42:02

23. siervodejusticia ,

indeed that exists haha, but to be honest I've never known someone from that part of australasia

24. LaraStardust,

If I read an article once, those islands are rented out

25. Badgirl,

And I live with everyone :P

26. Pavkov,

Did you marry him or you just live with him?

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