New server in TeamTalk 5

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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone, I announce that I create my TeamTalk server called Il server di Pierpaolo. In this server can join all the people all over the world. If you want to download this program, you can go in this link: and you can download it for pc, iPhone and android. I don't know if it's for Macintosh. When you download this program, I help you to install my server. Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. Giovani,

Please, what is IP and port of this server?
And also, have You external IP, or this server is created on host?
Thank You!

3. RadioPierpaolo,

IP: and port tcp and udp 10333. Server name Il server di Pierpaolo. But I don't know how can I register as a public server. Thanks.

4. luis20,

Can I enter please? It's that I losted the server address!

5. RadioPierpaolo,

It's port 10333 tcp and 10333 udp.

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