Match's of Christmas special Uno tournament of day 2. (Final 16)

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Hello my lovely people, we have concluded day 1 and got our final 16 who made it to the next round. There are alot of upsets and don't be surprise with the players who made it to this far. As we had mentioned in our posts now a days , people have improved alot and its very hard to predict. Anyways, without further a due, these are the match's:

1.Afrim v MagicalKrrish

2.Adventure-time v Raoly

3.Policeman1 v Fawaz

4.Ilhan v Simonovic

5.Everyone v Guliwer

6.Claudiu v Matcauthon

7.Kurt v dalibor

8.Eirin v mohammad.aldalain

Note: this was again randomly drawn after we got the results in, and afther these match's will be completed then the quarter-finals will be redrawn again.

So good luck and all the best, catch you all there at the starting time.
Regards, Uno tournament team.
MagicalKrrish and Fawaz.

2. Maldalain,

all the luck for everyone

3. Pavkov,

Why just for everyone?

4. Dayan ,

Good luck for everyone. And for the other players, too.

5. Angelina-princess,

Wow, congratulations to everyone who made it to the next round, & good luck to you all.
Who will be the champion? That's very interesting to waiting for. :)

6. Cristina,

It seems that the bad luck follows the player (everyone). The draw has given him again a strong opponent.
I'll be very interested to watch that match and very curious to know who and how will win it.
Anyway, all those matches seems to be interesting.
So, good luck to all of you guys!

7. Maldalain,

Guys when I said good luck for everyone, I did not capitalise the first E, so I was referring to everyone, everybody, all participants and so on!

8. MagicalKrrish,

yeah all the best to all and in particular to the match of the round, Guliwer v "everyone" in my opinion, who ever survives that might just win the tournament. lol. but others are in with a big chance!

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