Uno Christmas special tournament's result.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all, we had a blasting Uno tournament over the weekend! We concluded close to 60 match's to get the final result. The title went to Poland, where by Guliwer claimed the title by beating Fawaz in the finals. It was a great final, where Fawaz threw in everything but was not enough, as Guliwer winning my organised tournament for the second time. Other players who finished in top four were Dalibor and matcauthon .

I believe the participants and the spectators all enjoyed this tournament, because as the organiser I enjoyed alot. I'd like to thank-you all who ever played a part in the tournament. Thank-you very much as a whole. Special thanks goes to Fawaz who was there helping me in the tournament and behind the seens. Thankyou to the participants for being there and taking part, without you all, the tournament wouldn't have been successfull. I'd also like to thank the players who replaced the players who were absent on the day of the tournament.

With these few words, a huge congratulations to Guliwer for being the champion of uno for the year 2016. Just a final remarks, people are improving alot in this popular game in the platform so don't be surprise to see a new winner in 2017.
Until next time this is Krrish , Merry Christmas and happy new years in advance.

Cheers, Uno tournament team, Krrish and Fawaz.

2. Pavkov,

I wanted to thank Favaz and krrish for organizing this tournament. I enjoyed playing and watching matches. I had really fun and one year is simply too long to wait for another tournament. Congratulations to Guliver for winning this tournament he is a very good player. See you all on the next tournament :)

3. afrim,

It was a great experience to play there! Thank you really much for giving us the opportunity to take part in this tournament which I enjoyed a lot since it was the first time I got in the eight best players of this tournament.

4. policeman1,

It was a pleasant uno tourney for 2016! I also would like to thank you organizers for your efforts!.

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