poker tornament

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1. LaraStardust,

hi guys
i am thinking of making a poker tornament hear are the rules:
1: the starting amount is 100000 chips
2: bet limit is no limit
3: minimum raise is 1000
4: small blinds will be 500
5: big blinds 1000
6: thinking time no limit

the game is last man standing
each person that joins will be on one big table against each otherthe game will be at 12.00 eastern on January 31st


2. brandon,

Mind if I come along, and win?

3. LaraStardust,

all are welcome to come just write your name
and brandon win?
i doubt it hahahahahaha i'll write you on the list if you can get there slightly early thanks

4. bradley,

Hi. I'd like to join, names bradley as you know. smile, good luck everyone... you're gonna kneed it! lol

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