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1. GracefulSwan,

Hi, all! I'm Kenya! I've played here in the gameroom for several years, but I haven't made many friends here, and I'd like to change that. I live in the United states, and I was diagnosed with depression in 2015. I consider myself Christian, but I'm currently on a religious rollercoaster, and I'm interested in learning foreign languages, including Chinese and Hebrew. I'm a 23-year-old young woman, single, and I'm blind, seeing only light and shadow, and I use NVDA. Hope this gives some tidbits about me. My favorite games are uno, 1000 miles, farkle, and monopoly, but I'm willing to give things a try.

2. bloodsharp,

hi how are you

3. GracefulSwan,

Well. Hope you are two.

4. bloodsharp,

thanks by the way i use nvda as well

5. siervodejusticia ,

Hey there, Kenya! My name is Andres, and I live in Colombia, South America. I'm a christian preacher, and I also know what depression is, since I suffered it as well. So, if ya need something from me, just let me know. I don't spend too much time on this english side of this site, but anyways. Oh I'm 23 years old too

6. sound2,


Nice to meet you. I'm from south africa. I understand about being on a religious rolercoaster, smiles. But now I have my own beliefs, and like it. I hope things are well with you.

All the best.

7. ManchesterUnited ,

nice to meet you, feel free to message me on the playroom.

8. helleon,

yup understand perfectly the religious rollercoaster it is easy to lose beliefs when things get bad i ended up athiest due to my own religious rollercoaster, but you may regain faith, it depends on the person i suppose. Patrick's the name btw, from ireland. lol

9. soundarya,

Hello friends I am from india.
I am born hindu, but when I was a 13 year old boy or so I began to be sceptical and as many, ended up atheist.
Now, I have a much different kind of belief.
I don't think that it will be appropriate to call myself atheist anymore.
I do not believe in god, but I cannot deny its existance either.
Although, I do not believe in religions.
I have faced depression in many periods of my life despite of the tremendous family support that I have got.
But I personally believe that unless one has faced depression he cannot understand happiness.

Guess it was a pretty long explanation about myself.

10. Vojvoda,

rules :
•No spam or advertisements
•No pornography
•No politics or religion

11. sound2,

Religion wasn't being discussed. It was a general greeting.

12. YNWA,

Although the rules are rather ambiguous here I will tell you about an extra rule that you may not know about! Common sense. If you apply it to this thread then you will see here there is no issue! If it Wasn't the case then wishing someone a Happy Christmas would be banned!

13. soundarya,

Agree with inwa.

14. Vojvoda,

Ynva ambiguous rules are exactly the reason why I wrote it. It was friendly worning for everybody.

15. GracefulSwan,

I wasn't trying to convert anybody. Sheesh!

16. helleon,

you've converted me. lmfao jk

17. Everyone,

No, it wasn't. You basically just recited the rules without any further explanation, which could be interpreted in several different ways too. I have to agree with Ynwa here.

18. sound2,

It's alright. We understand you wern't trying to convert anyone. Just telling your story. Nothing wrong with that.

19. Saniel_Morse,

Well. Though I myself have my own beliefs and I myself can consider to be atheist, it doesn't mean the others can't discuss what they believe in. So I agree with Inwa, too.
And getting back to the subject, Hello, my name's Miguel and I'm from Mexico! But I'm using this nickname because the current one is taken from a roll playing game (rpg, sorry if that actually doesn't mean what I've explained) and since I saw that name which belongs a criature from there, I liked and used it. nice to meet you! If you want we can talk at some free table in order to meet each other!

Kind regards.

20. fire-starter,

hi, eagala, aren't you a Manamon? I didn't think manamon could talk/chat. :d:d:d
kind regards

21. Saniel_Morse,

Did you think we only can eat baby murkits and other little stuff? I also can do this and much more! I'm a smart Manamon, am I? Hahahaha.

22. fire-starter,

oh heh, thought you were eating murkets, na don't, they are cute cats. Don't eat murkets.

23. Vojvoda,

Relax or I am going to call Tabalus

24. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Then who wants to talk to my Pandourbit?

25. fire-starter,

i do, pandorbits are lovely!

26. martsales,

i wood rather prefer flamias, they have cool fire powers!

27. sound2,

I don't have any idea what you all are talking about, lol.

28. Vojvoda,

Flammia is quite weak, kinidul forever!

29. LaraStardust,

I don't often come on here any more, running my own game and whatnot leaves little time for just plain old relaxing.
That being said, I'm nate, 16, though might as well be 17 as it's only in a few days.
To clarrify, by the looks of it, sound2 they are talking about manoman which is a game about pokemn? I think, I've never played it but it's been mentioned a few times.

As for religion, I was aithiest for a long time and laughed at the idea of religion, but about 2 years ago I found myself drawn to greek religion, that is, helenic polytheism, speciically the goddess artemis.
My girlfriend, on the other hand, was hindu, though I'm not sure if she still is, she's driftied more towards apollo, but still respects the hindu gods.

Anyway, this is me, waves. I'm always open for a chat, so feel free to drop me a hello perminant mesage, and I'll pick it up at some point!

30. the-supreme-AI,

guys speaking of menamon i usially use aquath for my game and well i like all menamon! have a nice day!

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