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1. ali.altikrety,

hello guys, i was wondering who plays the game alter aeon here
let's comment down our chars names so we can ge to know each other
mine are, golda, confusing, and lupa
hope to see ya there

2. sound2,

I'm applefox on there, but don't play it much. Find it confusing.

3. CathyAnne,

I play on there. I'm also CathyAnne. How do you get into it again?

4. Animagus,

I'm mangekyo, 37 druid and 32 cleric. tot level is 134.

5. Everyone,

So we have one person whose name is confusing and another who finds the game confusing! I happen to be Wuver, thanks to a bout of extreme madness from over a decade ago.

6. MissJP,

I've heard about this game, and I want to play it. Does anyone know how I can get it?

7. sound2,

Go to the alter aeon website. Then download mush Z. Start the programme, and you will be able to register, using that.

8. ali.altikrety,

if anyone needs help on the game send me tells on my chars, golda, confusing, and lupa

9. MissJP,

thanks, I was able to download it, but it's verry confusing... and full of suspense... but confusing never the less... lol

10. sam69,

my name on there is shawn or i got another one it is smokey

11. The-Queen,

I play alter aeon from a long time ago, so if you need help feel free to ask. My names in there are Aisha, Shaktishali, Princessmira or miraghoshal

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