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1. Slavista,

hello guys

Today i have little bit of topic question: Is there anyone, who plays the awesome game named Hattrick? Eventually what's the name of your team and which league do u play?
For those, who are interested in this game but don't play yet, hattrick is an online football manager game, where u are managing your own team... For more informations:

Have a nice day all
your Slávek... :D

2. Pavkov,

Of course I play it, though you know for others who maybe play my club name is basshunter and username Vojvoda111. I began to play 6 months ago so I am still in fifth league but I am going to crash hattrick masters in some years!

3. Slavista,

Yaa, i knew about you and we have to play next friendly match, but maybe in 1 2 weeks, cause now i have booked a few ones.

Anyways my name here is Tomikmarsal, club name is FK Cingulum and the league has number VI. 118 and is located in the Czech Republic... My plans for next season are building bigger stadium, implementation young players to team and making good results for sure... :D

4. martsales,

is this a text game,
or are there some sounds, just wondering

5. Pavkov,

There is only text. Though there is some addon for Firefox which gives you sounds like for goal etc. Just heard of that not sure how it's called

6. Slavista,

I will search for that, sounds interesting...

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