New campaign for the new sound libráry of NS studios

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1. unknown_brain ,

Hello everyone
As the title says, this is a new campaign for the new bookstore of NS studios, the same campaign, ends the month of February, on the page, it includes the prebio view of the sound library
 , The campaign link is here to continuation
Having said all this, I clarify that I am not the library of sounds, I alone am promoting the campaign.
Greetings . : D
Note: (this is translated with google translator)

2. morgan ,

I entered, but I don't know how to collaborate.

3. unknown_brain ,

Hello, I think you have to register to contribute, but I will ask the developer for Skype, although I think so, you have to be registered

4. morgan ,

Good, thanks... can I register

5. unknown_brain ,

Yes, you can sign up

6. morgan ,


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