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1. morgan ,

Hello, I have created this post for precisely what the title indicates, to comment all the text commands that you know from the playroom... I know for example: /kick, /ban, /help, /rolls, /add, but I'm still missing some learn more commands. Without more, discuss what you know.

2. CathyAnne,

What is it you meant by this m essage?

3. morgan ,

For know the playroom commands

4. RTFM ,

All commands you can use are: /invite to invite an user. /block to block an user. /add to add an user to your friends list. /me excludes says from your message. /ban bans an user from your table. /kick kicks an user from your table. /help writes to helpers. And i believe that's all.

5. morgan ,

Thank you very much

6. helleon,

just press f1 within anywhere to check the relevant commands for that game or table, if you are stuck on a command but know it exists aned need to use it, just press apps key from the menu tab and navigate to the command you wish to use from there.

7. grobar ,

Those aren't commands, those are keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Commands are those you type in chat, and include a slash before them.

8. CathyAnne,

Thanks for straightening that out for me.

9. Saniel_Morse,

There's also a command /help, to talk directly with the helpers without pressing f4. Quite useful.

Woopse; I didn't read that part, sorry for the reposting!

But I must add that by typing /accept username you can accept that person to your friends list.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Jan 23 2017 04:09:57

10. fire-starter,

oh, don't forget /manamon, to talk to eagala:d.

11. Saniel_Morse,

Welcome to the online comunication center, also known as Eagalix wireless resources! How can I help you? :DD.

12. Pavkov,

There is an interesting thing if you write /join then some random name like eagafk you'lll ge the message: This channel doesn't exist.

13. fire-starter,

ah yeah, never saw it. Oh @eagala, bring some dead murket meat to me, i like them, since i am a firetype/air/eagala combination. :d:d

14. Dayan ,

there it says Vous ne pouvez pas rejoindre ce canal.

15. Pavkov,

Those channels are something for helpers I believe

16. grobar ,

Yeah, there's a channel helper-en as well, which you'll get a message that you aren't allowed to join. And hash sign is used to speak in a channel, so #random-channel hello would write hello to a channel called random channel, which is so random that it doesn't even exist.

17. Pavkov,

The point is you should be a random helper to use random channels

18. grobar ,

Yes but not everyone is so random to be a random helper

19. Pavkov,

Maybe Everyone isn't but me, or you are quite random to be a random helper and use random channels

20. grobar ,

I didn't say everyone isn't, i said not everyone is.

21. Pavkov,

With my english it means the same thing but my English is not good so probably I came out stupid from this situation

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