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1. Badgirl,

Dears. I don't know, may be that already exists but I have decided to create a group on whatsapp for those who would like to join playroom-group. We could know each other better, to talk about everything or just to find some willing person to play. If somebody is interested, please send me a phone number on my private mailbox. Looking for seing you there guys.

2. Cristina,

And what about those who do not have an I phone?

3. soundarya,

Whatsapp works very well with my android too

4. Pavkov,

To be honest I don't like groups on whatsapp, that is too spammy for me

5. The-warlord,

Your message couldn't be sent: badgirl wish to receive only messages from his/her friends

6. fire-starter,

i personally don't like to shair my numbers with people whom i don't know that well. sorry

7. Badgirl,

Sorry I forgot about the settings. Now all is fine. I created it for people who would like to join. Dont force anybody. Simonovic, I added you, but of course feel free to leave and sorry for experiment. Greetings and still hope to welcome somebody.

8. Pavkov,

I can stay there till it doesn't start to have 1000 messages per day LOL

9. BhavyaShah,

Badgirl - With respect to the privacy and anonymity many may wish to retain on a public forum, particularly a phone-enabled Whatsapp group, you could simply generate a group invite link for the QuentinC's Playroom Whatsapp group and share it here for those who may be interested to directly join. This may help in attracting more Playroomers, perhaps.

10. The-warlord,

Yes, I totally agree with bav, and was really going to suggest this. A link will be better rather than sending private messages so this could atract more playroomers to the group.

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11. basket,

Just, no.

12. Saniel_Morse,

Why, not?

13. policeman1,

That sounds good if i was regularly using it however, am sure others may wanting to join and this is a good idea to create worldwide groups!.

14. Badgirl,

Guys. If somebody decides to join, it doesn't mean that he or she must record a message every day or response each message recorded by others. That is not a school and nobody will get panishment. There will be days when nobody records anything, and days, when some interesting discussion will go on. There is 14 members now and I am very happy about it. That is interesting, that mainly people who doesn't want to join or cant join are talking here ahaha. For those who would find joining easier by link, the link is here:

15. Carinchen,

how many are in there

16. Pavkov,

About 25 people are there I think

17. Carinchen,

do you use text or voice messages?

18. The-warlord,

Voice messages in most cases. Voice messages are what distinguish our brought there in my opinion, so I prefer that.

19. Carinchen,

I personally prefer text messages in groups

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