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1. Carinchen,

who plays quiz party here?

2. morgan ,

I want play quiz party here

3. Carinchen,

I meant crazy party sorry

4. Everyone,

This one does!

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

I play crazy party.

6. YNWA,

What about a compromise? lets just party!

7. Slavista,

It sounds like plan... Friday and saturday are beer times... :D

8. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Currently playing it.

9. riad,

Lol I play both, Crazy and Quiz. If you wanna play anyone of those and don't find someone to play with, drop me a message and I'll try my best to join!

10. MissJP,

wait, they have a quiz party game here??? I am in!

11. sam69,

i play crazy party my name on there is sam69

12. CathyAnne,

What on earth is quiz party? i have never heard of such a thing.

13. helleon,

refer to game list as of today. lol

14. BellaCat6666,

Hello pr community.
I thought I'd be the first to explain what i know about this new game called quiz or quiz party. It's pretty much like what the Spanish side has but they have translated it into English. Basically there are several categories and we as a community get to make up the questions for each category. Currently the game is under construction as we have to wait for our questions to be validated by the quiz party team. We can not play until there are at least 3000 or more questions. Unfortunately there is no help mannual available for the game at this time. That is all I can tell yall as of now.

Latest edition by BellaCat6666, Mar 22 2017 23:19:39

15. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello Aminiel, thanks a lot for bringing this awesome game here! And thanks to validators and correctors who work hard to validate our questions! i've send some questions and looking forward to reaching 3000

16. BellaCat6666,

They should call it quiz party on here as well. I mean when we go to create a game it shows in the list as quiz, not quiz party.

17. CathyAnne,

They should put Crazy Party on here also.

18. YNWA,

Personally I would have left it at quiz and only changed it to Quiz party when it is ready for everybody to play. This way people will know it is ready but might as well leave it now.

19. balasana ,

Several times I got this error when submitting a question. "Your question couldn't be submitted. This could be due to a double or a formulation error." Anyone knows what this means?

20. Vojvoda,

I got that error once

21. Nikola-Jovic ,

Well a double means the question is already there, and a formulation error means you have an error when writing a question.

22. CathyAnne,

Does anyone know the web address for crazy party?

23. Nikola-Jovic ,

Do you read posts?

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