A song for everybody

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1. Pavkov,

Hello guys, here I have song for all of ya, tell me what do you think about it:
PS greetings to my friend Slavista and playroom staff

Latest edition by Pavkov, Feb 19 2017 00:32:13

2. Slavista,

Greatest song eveeeeer... :D

3. Maldalain,

A song of neighing and bleating? Hurray, horses and sheeps!

4. Dayan ,

Man, what a song! The text of it is a great motivation, and simply wonderful. It gives us so positive message and in each part of it lets us see how important could be the simply act of riding a horse. My life has changed the day of today, all thanks to this song. I admire the creators of it and I thank you for letting us hear this beautiful message.

5. Oana-tN,


6. Pavkov,

I think every single person in the world should hear this, this is human revolution of music

7. sam69,

how do i hear the song

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