No love for the more complex games?

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31. Sevrior,

Sounds good, and I'll do just that. Definitely find me when you're on.

32. YNWA,

It is about getting things done and if it fails here there are other avenues so don't worry!

33. Fawaz,

Honestly, more than 3 comments in just this post refers to "quiz party"!
its just became boring topic. mentioning over and over same topic won't bring the game to life I believe.

34. YNWA,

It's all about equality! If you read the forums and you can look back for a couple of years on the forum and see the same thing. improvement for the English Translation and and No Quiz Party in The English part! Everybody knows that and still nothing. Other sections have moved on but not here. Why...

If the Helpers put out requests for help and got no response then I would say fair enough you have done your best but we are still 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Latest edition by YNWA, Feb 23 2017 23:12:28

35. Cristina,

As I know the helpers can not make corrections if there it's a mistake of the translation. Just the translator could make that.
The translator should know french language as well, not just english, so if a native speaker can not speak french language too, can not be translator.
Correct me if i am wrong.

36. YNWA,

Aminiel said that he did the translation but if you look at the staff page it says Mayya so that's confusing. Also I have said Aminiel's English has improved so if you look at the latter games you can see that the English Translation is much improved. The translation for the English part is already done . On the whole Aminiel has done a really good job but what is the harm for a native speaker to go over it and correct errors and inconsistancy. You don't have to speak French to do that. I don't speak French but was able to correct the errors for the Monopoly boards. You didn't ask why the British and American boards were not included? The answer is there were not that many errors, just small ones.

Cristina I am now just making you the proofreader and when you are for that brief minute you will be able to spot the error.


Brussels is the correct spelling in the Belgium Capital. If there are words that I didn't know because they were French/Italian I used our old friend Google plus my knowledge of football such as Napoli.

That's all that's required. I don't think it's a huge job.

37. Cristina,

Anyway the spelling errors do not stop the players of playing.
We should have fun playing the games here and meet new people.
It's bad if we would try to point out each error, or each strange nickname cuz in a specific language it means something dirty and so on.
It's just a waste of the time.
Let's enjoy everything as it is now, cuz it is the best what everybody should do.

38. YNWA,

I was just giving one example. If you look at the corrections I have made for the 2 monopoly boards they are not pointed out. You asked a valid question so I answered your point. If you look at my previous posts I say that the game part was not so bad it was just improving the instructions. The real long term benefit for people is creating step by step instructions that are easier to understand. If you can increase the average amount of games people can play here it benefits everybody. Players will have more choice and less restrictions to what they can play and who knows may be more likely to spend even longer here. The aim is to make things even better and I don't see any harm in that.

39. balasana ,

Ynwa, so what you have been trying to say on this topic and many others are the following:

  1. you are a native English speaker, if not the only one then one of the very few on PR who are the authority on the grammar, the spelling, the usage, the writing style, among other aspects of the English language.
  2. So many problems that has happened on PR are caused by one single factor: the owner and/or the players cannot speak, understand, or write perfect English.
  3. With your solid command of English, you are capable to fix the problems once for all.
  4. Unfortunately your efforts for the good of the PR community have not been appreciated.
  5. So aminiel, the helpers and the players who have turned the deaf ear to your repeated pleas should be blamed.
  6. I apologize if I have missed something in my summary. But sadly, at the end of the day language is only there for carrying thoughts from one individual to another. Today we are co-existing in a global community, rather than a perpetual English class. Your constant reminder of others' bad English would only turn their support away.
    Of course it's frustrating that things don't go your way regardless of your best attempt because you don't have full control of the outcome. But if you are willing to look past that, maybe you can put your good English in better use for us by starting an English class for PR players through voice chat, or a book club of some sort?

40. YNWA,

I have already helped people with English here even if I don't already advertise that fact and will help more in the future. It's the same with teaching games. I am hardly going to publish their names on the forum as I am sure you wouldn't appreciate if a person helped you then wrote about what help they gave you down on on the forum. If you look at these threads you will see a thread with one of my articles that may help people with English.

There are other British people that use this platform. I know more will come and that was part of my motivation to get The Quiz Party up and running. One of my motivations to write Step by step instructions and if you read the forum I have said it for quite a long time is to encourage more players to learn and that is everybody that can understand English but not long complicated words. I have written instructions before and I have taught people via written instruction so I do have the ability to do this.

Complaining is one thing but putting your money where your mouth is is another and at least I am prepared to do that!

41. sound2,

From my understanding, ymwa wasn't trying to attack anyone. In my view there is nothing wrong with correcting some things, at least on a practical level. I understand the desire to get things done. In the end we won't agree about everything.

42. helleon,

agree with bal on both her last post, and the post about quiz party. If Quiz Party is not going to be translated into english, yeah it's sad, but there's no point bringing it up again every few weeks. half the forum topics these days seem to be dominated by you wanting to translate quiz party. more topics end with you coming to the conclusion that the fact that not every playroom user has perfect english is the reason for any problem the playroom faces, and apparently the way you see it, the fact that you are a native english speaker, as bal said, gives you authority over those who are not. Yes you have helped a couple of people to understand more about your/our native language, and that is great, but that does not make those people who are not interested in learning more English than they already know the reason for any problem we find on playroom. Believe it or not, there are other reasons and factors that contribute to the issues the playroom may have as well.

43. YNWA,

They say in life have no regrets and that's why I have pushed as much to get the English part of the platform on at least an Equal level As the other major languages. Perhaps Staff working for the other platforms are more efficient and better organised who can say but I will never have any regrets wanting the best for this part of the platform.

I am not one to give up so I will be back that's for sure but I believe everything for now has been said on the subject. I know having the Quiz Party on this platform would attract more American and British users. Wanting the rules made easier for more people to understand would have helped non native speakers so I don't only look out for native users!

44. Aminiel,


If you want to help the playroom, for example by becoming helper or to work on Quiz Party, please contact Mayya directly.
The english helper team is quite fragile compared to other teams.

For Quiz Party, some of you talk about translating it. In fact, many questions can't be translated so easily.
Many questions are attached to french culture and to francophony, i.e. things that exist and are popular somewhere in french speaking countries but not much in other parts of the world. Translating this kind of questions doesn't make much sens.
For example, how would you react on getting a question about a book that exists only in french and that hasn't been translated in any other language ? Such A song? And about a famous TV show available in a freench channel ? And about law in France ?
This is nearly impossible to know the answer for you, and so the game won't be fun at all.

If Quiz Party must come in english, it should also come with specific american and british culture.
All the world knows Shakespeare, but there are many books, films, and things that aren't translated, and that's the same thing for all languages.
The conclusion is that you can perhaps take 10% of the existing questions because they make sens all ovher the world, but for the other 90% you must make your own ones.

45. Pavkov,

How can we contact Mayya?

46. YNWA,

totally agree, Is it possible to have the form directly in the playroom just like it is in The French part so people can already start adding their questions. This way Mayya would have an idea about who is able to contribute to the questions because in the French part the top 10 contributers are still listed.

47. MagicalKrrish,

Hi, I will agree to have something where we can send questions. in this way people who got their questions can submit it. Atleast queeze party can progress and later the validating and correcting committee can do their work. I m sure people got their questions ready and 3000 questions will be received in no matter of time.


48. YNWA,

2 weeks ago I sent Mayya a message in my in-box for the Quiz Party and have recieved no reply. Mayya hasn't said anything either on the forum regarding what she requires so I am wandering what is happening now.

It is now coming up to 4 months since people were asked to form a Quiz party for the English section but there appears to be little movement even though I have suggested we have a really good team of 4 people who are willing to work together for the benefit of the playroom. This team does have quiz and tournament hosting experience so we are not talking about a group of novices that don't know what they are doing

I have been doing a little research on the variety of quiz parties in the French, Italian and French parts. I have to say the Italian team are very impressive having already validated 17,000 questions and acording to figures I gathered at least validated 900 questions in just one week witch is fantastic work. The Italians are almost neck and neck with the French now so both of those sections really do have great quizzes that if you are fortunate enough to speak those languages then you should be able to enjoy some really great questions. The Spanish is a bit further behind with many more questions to validate. I will add that figure did rise by 300 in just one week so it does explaine why Aminiel didn't let us just add questions without a team to validate questions or it would become a question mountain!

49. Aminiel,

That's correct YNWA. I don't want to open question submission before a team is ready.

What if, on the day the team is formed, there are already 1000 questions to validate?
I may assume something wrong, but half of the teammates will get afraid and will directly leave.

In the meantime, you can of course collect them on your own in a txt file and submit them when it's open. I think I explained the syntax to make a bulk submission somewhere.

Who are the 4 volontire people you are sayig?
If there is really no answer from Mayya, I'm afraid to eventually have to decide. That would be sad in respect to Mayya, but well... as a last ressort...
With of course the risk to make an incompetent or unappropriate team; but at the same time it's impossible to know in advance, so that's perhaps a good risk to take in order to progress.

What do you think if I try to send an ultimate reminder to Mayya with a deadline? Or do you just ahve already too much waited?

50. YNWA,

I have sent the names to you via the contact page on the website and have not yet received any response back or any indication here by my in-box or on the forum to say whether you have received them or not.

Just because something is free or run by vollenteers doesn't mean that people can neglect their duty as many people give up their free time for many organisations around the world to help people and we should all know as blind people how greatful we are for any help we have had over the years. The RNIb is one good example and you all have your own charities around the world that will do a similar job They are ran by people that have other work/study and families too and their organisations are still run very well and I can't see why the PR can't be run well too. .

You asked for at least 3 people to form a solid team and I have submitted that team and I believe after 4 months that as we had already submitted our applications in good faith to Basket and Marina7 that we should now be given our opportunity to form a team for The English language Quiz Party Team as they have failed in carrying out your original task. It is not my job to speculate about their positions but serious questions must be asked as they would be asked in any well run organisation!

We are well aware that The Quiz Party will be a very big job and we are more than willing to put all our energy into making that dream happen.

Latest edition by YNWA, Mar 18 2017 16:47:32

51. Aminiel,


I have sent a message to mayya on whatsapp on friday and I still don't have got any reply, not even just to aknowledge that she has listened to my message, or just let me know that sh'es still alive.

It's gently time to stop waiting. If I haven't any news very soon, I think I will open the quiz in english and give access to the validator interface to your validation team in the next few days. I have got the names and will assume that YNWA will be the team master. Tell me if you want to organize in another way.

Make sure to read once more all the recommandations on how to write questions, so that the wording and the correctness can be as good as the french, italian or spanish quiz.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Mar 20 2017 23:00:22

52. YNWA,

Thank you for responding as it is much appreciated. We certainly want a Quiz that we hope you will be proud of. You have created many outstanding and world class games that many of us spend many hours playing and we just want to add The Quiz Party to that portfolio of growing games.

should you select us it will be a honour and privilege for us all to work on a fantastic project like this Not only will it give us the opportunity to say thank you for what you have done in the best possible way but it will leave a legacy for future playroom users. .

To be honest I haven't given the idea as a team leader any thing like that much thought as I just wanted everything to get started. I see my roll if anything as more a coordinator as I will be helping people as much as I can. I will also liaise with the other group members to find out their opinions on how they feel things are going, what improvements can be made, any help they may require, any suggestions they may have and anything else we may need to work on.

below is a sample question for Nature.

How many bones are there in a giraffe's neck?

  1. 34
  2. 7
  3. 18
  4. 22

answer b

Some times people will submit questions that don't fall in any of the existing subjects so I think it would be nice if we had a pot luck section so it can cover the rest.

Latest edition by YNWA, Mar 21 2017 02:24:17

53. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, here at the english part it would be amazing to have such a game which constitutes a great number of questions for a great number of players and also, a great job amount which, the people from the quiz party is gonna be willing to do.

I can't wait to see it at the english side!

Here is my help from me if you need it.

Best regards!

54. Nikola-Jovic ,

Just a question, is there a way for people who send their question to see if it's already been send by someone else? Or that's the job of validators to reject double questions

55. YNWA,

Anybody is able to submit a question. The team will check that question to see if it is correct and ensure it is in the correct category. Later it will be proofread to ensure there are no errors. I am sure that a number of the team will have read that list over and over again so is sure to spot if some questions are the same. If you look at other sections then the number for each subject are listed. I am guessing that the team will be able to look at say the Sport section. If there are say 250 Sport questions then it should not be so difficult to spot any repeats and just remove them.

I Haven't been selected yet or seen the way things really work so I don't want to comment too much on things as I don't want to mislead people by saying something that I could find out later to be incorrect but I hope I have tried to answer your question as much as I can do as it is a very good question!

56. Nikola-Jovic ,

Right thanks for your answer, i guessed it's up to validators to spot same questions but i did play quiz party on other servers, and there's an option to report to validators if a question is wrong so yeah that also helps.

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