Tarot tournament

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1. Sevrior,

Right. So seeing as my questioning the lack of tarot received more responses than I anticipated, I have decided to try my hand at running a tournament once again.

It shall be a french tarot tournament. The details are to be determined, but let's get some indicators of who all would be interested in participating. Post here or message me.

2. policeman1,

Very interesting game, so willing to involve in the tourney.

3. Cristina,

it's a great idea to organize this tournament and myself would like to take part in. Other romanian players would like as well, but first we should know when you will want to run it?
Maybe it would be better if not on a weekend will run this tournament, because sometime a french tarrot game can be very long.
Kind regards, Cristina!

4. YNWA,

You can just play a set number of rounds and don't have to set a particular score. 3or 4 rounds to start should be ample.

5. Oana-tN,

i would join but i stil have to learn it first.

6. Cristina,

oana if you want I can help you to learn it. I am also romanian like you, then it will be easier I think.
Just send me a private message when you will be free to start learning and I will help you pleasurably.
It would be good if we will get some information about the date at least, because I've talked to 5 players who can play french tarrot and all of them would want to participate if the date will be ok for them.
Thank you!

7. Badgirl,

Count me in. That is a nice game.

8. YNWA,

Do you have an idea when this tournament will take place. Also is it going to be a 3 or 4 player tournament. I think there is enough players that will play so it should be an interesting tournament.

9. Sevrior,

Once I have what I feel to be a reasonable set of people expressing interest I'll start discussing times. That was always the bit that came last for me. So for the time being I'm just acruing names.
I'd prefer to make it 4 person, as that is the tournament style and lends itself to the most competitive form of the game. Of course that requires more players, so we'll see.

10. Oana-tN,

yes, i would like to know the date and the time. after that, i will tell you if i can or if i can't join.

11. alesia,

helo count me please

12. Cristina,

we should have a clue about the date, because the people would sign up or no if they know the date.
So, they would know if they will be able to play at that time.
I've talked to some of them and all of us think that it would be better if this tournament would not run on a weekend.

13. YNWA,

I think it would be better to have an idea when you want to host the tournament. Remember in Tarot now you can have a set number of rounds so do have some control in terms how long a game can last. 3 or 4 rounds would work for say the first round so you don't have to worry if a points tally is too high or low.

It all depends on what type of tournament you want to host and how many days would people be prepared to play in the tournament. It also depends on when Sevrior is able to host the tournament. Once we know all that we can decide if we are able to play. If for example he can only host it on the weekend then I don't see the likes of Mak not being able to play. Having said that I do think it would be easier for myself to play during the middle of the week.

14. cherry-blossom,

count me in, i would be interested to participate in this tournament

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