the little exam turnament

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31. Maldalain,

LOL so the tournament died out?

32. policeman1,

I will host it since you all look confused.

33. BhavyaShah,

Count me in if positions are still available.

34. Carinchen,

i am not sure if i can be the host of the turnament so ...

35. Maldalain,

LOL it was clear from the very beginning

36. Oana-tN,

so will this tournament takeplace or it won't?it is useless if you give ideeas, because 1. the host has no ideea about, and 2, if the tournament won't take place, the ideeas are nothing.

37. YNWA,

If you read the posts you will see that different people expect different things from the game. It is not like a scopa tournament where everybody knows what to expect. I have seen a couple more people play the little exam so at least that has been a good thing that has come from this thread. I could have helped with this tournament but what I would do is different from what others would do. Having said that some things may have surprised you. I will have to play with some of you just for fun sometime.

38. Carinchen,

perhaps we should keep all that in mind and try to find comon rules.

39. Oana-tN,

I think the host could thnk at the rules, how would he want the tournament be? once thought at that, maybe he has an ideea, how would he wants to be, what rules, i don't know... i never created a tournament, and i know it is very hard to host one, so, i thing that the host should choose some more people to help him with this, with hosting etc.

40. MissJP,

what ever the host desides... who ever the host may be. can you please let me know if the game will take place? I am really excited for it!

41. policeman1,

One of the exam question will be who is the actual hoster of the tourney.

42. MissJP,

and if you would like my help, I'am here for anything! because I am willing to help, because I love TLE!

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