Belote tournament

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1. Cristina,

Hello guys!
We've just concluded the spades tournament and everything worked out quite wellI am glad because many of you liked it and asked to organize a belote tournament.
It seems this spring is the season of the tournaments and here it is what we decided for the moment and we want to share it with all of you.
We plane to run this tournament during one week and not just on a weekend, therefore each match will be scheduled for when the players can play it. So, your team can talk to the opponent team and decide together when all of you will be able to play your match.
The starting date and time of this belote tournament depends of how many players will sign up and how quickly. We can start it even on monday, the 13th of march, if there will be enough teams we need.
We have an idea of how to be this belote tournament, but I will share it with all of you, after when we will see how many players will be interested to participate.
So, if you are interested to participate and have fun together, drop here your name or you can contact me privately.
Regards, Cristina!

2. policeman1,

Would like to join please.

3. anabell ,

here I am looking forward to begin!

4. Everyone,

Adventure-time and myself will be forming a team!

5. alesia,

helo I want play in belote tornament please

6. Cristina,

Hello guys!
I would like to inform you that we got enough teams for this belote tournament.
Thank to everybody who have decided to participate and sorry to those who are too late, hope to see them on the next tournament what we will organize.
Sunday, on the 12th of march, the draw for this tournament will be done to a free table, rolling dices, as it was for the spades tournament.
After when the draw will be done, I will come and tell you more about the structure and format of this belote tournament.
Hope to have a lot of fun together and an enjoyable time.
Kind regards Cristina!

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