The draw of the belote tournament

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1. Cristina,

Hello guys!
First, I would like to inform you about the structure and format of this belote tournament.
It will run during the week of march 14-20, there will not be an official starting time, because all matches will be scheduled for when the players can play them.
This belote tournament will have 4 stages: the groups, the quarter-final, the semi-final and the final.
The draw for the belote tournament was done today and I would like to thank to Vojvoda, who has helped me with this and to Anabell and Alesia, who were the observers.
We got 12 teams, they were placed in 4 different groups, 3 teams in each group.
The groups are as follow:

  1. Jose prabhu
  2. Anabell Aurel
  3. 3 Marina7 Fawaz

1. Nikola-Jovic Bastibasti

  1. Guliwer MagicalKrrish
  2. Everyone Adventure-time
  3. C
    1. Cherry-blossom Policeman1
  4. Undertaker Player01
  5. Alesia Furki
  6. D
    1. Andkuk Kokolo
  7. Snowflake Ynwa
  8. Chips Cristina
  9. The first two very good team from each group will go to the quarter-final.
    If there will be a tie, then the difference of the scores will decide which teams will qualify for the quarter-final.
    The matches of the quarter-final will be as follow:
    The winner team 1 of the group A will play the winner team 2 of the group B, the winner team 2 of the group A will play the winner team 1 of the group B, it will be the same for the group C and D.
    In the semi-final the matches will be:
    The winner team 1 of the quarter will play the winner team 4 and the winner team 2 will play the winner team 3.
    Then the final.
    The score limit for each stage will be as follow:
    For the groups 800 points, for the quarter-final 1000 points, for semi-final 1200 points and for final 1400 points.
    Do not hesitate to tontact me for any further questions or informations.
    Hope we will have an enjoyable time together and all of you will have a lot of fun playing in this belote tournament.
    Good luck to all of us!
    Kind regards, Cristina!!!

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