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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello all, just wanted to share with all of you a nice thing that i didn't discover myself, but saw while reading the french forum that i personally didn't see mentioned anywhere and i personally didn't know about it. When there is a large free table with a lot of people it will say free table with someone random, even more random, the most random and 5 other people. If you want to see who else is on the table, you can press the right arrow key on that table and it will display all people.

2. Aminetr25 ,

Yeah just discovred it like 5 days ago lol. But then it will say free table in progress with bla bla...

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yeah there's that minor thing as well, but other than that it's great to know.

4. Pavkov,

I think this possibility should be deleted because if you are not at a free table you don't need to know all people on there. I totally disagree with having it here.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes sure code will be deleted ll

6. Pavkov,

Code or not, this possibility is just evil and we should not have it here.

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Those posts are also evil and we shouldn't have them but we do so...

8. soundarya,

Accidentally I discovered it a very very long time ago! but didn't post here cause thought everyone else knows it as right aero is something many would have hit accidentally.

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

Well i never thought of hitting right arrow at that screen as i thought it doesn't do anything except move between suits in card games.

10. Aminetr25 ,

Give me a break. What is the reason of deleting such a cool feature :D. I discovred it long ago but didn't know how to reproduce it. Until a few days ago lol. Such a nice thing to have. I don't want to join a table to see who is there.

11. soundarya,

Same here dear, but I hit it a few times without thought.
its because its near the downarrow key in a small laptop

12. the-alchemist,

Vojvoda, I sincerely hope this is a joke because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Why should it be removed, you can see the first 3 people of the table anyway, so why not the rest? If people don't want others to know who is at their free table, they can simply make it private.

13. sound2,

I never knew of this feature. So I would enter to find out, who was there. I think it's useful, so wouldn't remove it.

14. Pavkov,

Why not guys, removing it would be so fun

15. Aminetr25 ,

It's certainly not fun just because I say so. :P
No seriously, can't you give a serious reason what so ever?

16. Pavkov,

Serious reason, hmmm let me think of one. If you know who is at this table and if you see nobody interesting then you will not join. And the master will be sad.

17. Nikola-Jovic ,

LOL nah, the reason is, being too bored! :D more seriously, if you don't join a table cause of another person, that's your issue, not master's.

18. Pavkov,

Please guys take me serious! I always get so sad when someone tells me I can not join your table because I see that Nikola-Jovic is there

19. Nikola-Jovic ,

Very funny

20. Pavkov,

No! Not funny!

21. Aminetr25 ,

That is your issue wich has nothing to do with this feature at all!

22. Nikola-Jovic ,

There's a smart saying that says: Do not feed the trolls.

23. Pavkov,

So smart, will think of it next time when I am on the toilet

24. The-warlord,

I do agree with guys, why it should be removed? It's a cool feature anyways.

25. Nikola-Jovic ,

I doupt you will think.

26. Mayana,

I learned about this long ago, because jfw has a tendency to not read everything if it's to long, so I have to press right arrow to hear the intire status, for example. I didn't know other people didn't know about it. I also don't see why it should be removed, there's nothing wrong with seeing who's in the table before you join.

27. Fawaz,

he is just being sarcastic. Can't believe people didn't get this.

28. Nikola-Jovic ,

LOL i did get it there's even a status but well the way of that sarcasm is stupid.

29. Pavkov,

Yo yo Favaz

30. The-merchant,

Sarcastic or stupid, such posts shouldn't exist here. If you're bored and thus up for such a conversation, go to those free tables that you don't dare to join cuz there's somebody you could get pissed by and discuss that there, please. Be that kind.

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