Easter Special Uno Tournament.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

There will be a uno tournament over the easter weekend, on the 15th and 16th April, 2017. The tournament will commence at 11:00AM Eastern US, 9:00am western, 10:00am central, 4:00pm UK, 6:00pm Egypt, Albania and some other countries, 7:00pm turkey, Bahrain and middle east and some European countries, 4:00pm in Spain, 9:30pm in India, 10:00pm in Vietnam, 5:00AM in Fiji, 3:00AM in Australia and some other pacific Island countries.


This time the rules wil be slightly changed with 2 and 4 responses, No Skipping allowed, interceptions and super interceptions, bluffs and of cause introducing the time limit which will be implemented from the group play. I have decided to allow 5 seconds during the group match's and 4 seconds for the knock out rounds.

if you think you are able to take up the challenge then feel free to register here or just drop an inbox to me or Fawaz who will be, yet again be my right hand for the tournament.

I m not cutting off any numbers here yet, and once we get a good number of participants then we'll release the format and structures. So now if you have nothing to do over a long weekend then why not enjoy some crazy uno match's.

Kind regards,

The Uno tournament Team.

2. Pavkov,

Oh, cause of the timelimit I can not participate. Just joking, put me in.

3. keyWasFull,

I'm in too!

4. the-thief,

Well, as long as a Saturday is involved in the tournament I unfortunately will not be able to participate. Sorry for that, and hope to catch yall in another one :)

5. Basti,

I am in

6. Maldalain,

Count me in Please. Thanks

7. Mayana,

I sadly think I won't be able to participate. However, if anyone will be missing and I'll by chanse be online, you can count me as a replacement.

8. afrim,

I will be happy to participate, though I will admit the time limit creates some obsticals. So, anyway, consider counting me in, please.

9. BellaCat6666,

I'm in. but what about buzzers?

10. Fawaz,

Buzzers won't be activated.
you'll play 1v1 anyway, so no point of buzzers being activated.
good luck!

11. policeman1,

I am in this and time to drop some big booms lets do it and got the easter eggs!.

12. rauly,

OK count me in

13. me-me,

count me in, crazy.

14. Angelina-princess,

Well, I love this change even my net's quite slow. Anyway, just for crazy about uno & count me in please. :D
Thank you.

15. MagicalKrrish,

We got 21 players registered already, keep your names rolling in!.

16. The-Queen,

Too shy to try but... Count me. :D

17. captain-nemo,

Great idea the rule the time limit. Count me in please.

18. Fawaz,

Hi Everyone!
we're now closing the registration, but as always, still you can put your name in waiting list!
we can never know how many will not show up.
So the drawing results will be coming soon, keep following the forums.
best of luck!

19. Badgirl,

Well, if the registration is closed, put me then on reserve list please.

Thanks and greetings to all uno lovers.


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