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1. YNWA,

To all those big hearted players out their.

Snowflake and I are looking to host a Hearts tournament in the PR on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April and as it is a very new game we are wondering about the number of people who would be interested in participating in a tournament.

Let us know what you think.


Snowflake & YNWA

2. alesia,

helo count me please mak mak

3. anabell ,

me to want participate. thanks

Latest edition by anabell , Mar 19 2017 20:22:37

4. Fawaz,

Me too!

5. helleon,

do you plan to give us a time or what?

6. YNWA,

No point giving times at present as we don't know exactly how many players will participate. We registered the tournament as people have created many tournaments so had we created this tournament nearer the time then we could have found our slot taken. If you analyse our previous tournaments then you will get a better idea when the times are more likely to be. We have found in the past that people are more likely to miss tournaments if they are pushed to say they will be playing in the tournament with a month to go so we will give more details nearer the time. We are just asking people to say if they would be interested in playing and suggesting what they would like to see included or not.

Giving people an advanced warning will give people time to learn/practise this interesting new game. It will also enable people who are not regular players time to see this add for the tournament.

Latest edition by YNWA, Mar 19 2017 23:59:30

7. player01,

Sounds like a plan. I'm over the moon with this idea. Count me in. smiles

8. me-me,

count me in.

9. policeman1,

Please count me in!.

10. MagicalKrrish,

I would love to join but perhaps for that i might have to know the times.

11. Angelina-princess,

Yes, I also would like to participate but please raise the time then let me see will I can be there?
Thank you.

12. helleon,

agree with krrish and angelina.

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