Scopone Tournament April 9th

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1. Slim_Shady,

On April 9th 2017 I will have a Scopone tournament. This will have the bracket tier system of wins. For example, if there is 4 people and 2 tables. Players "A" vs "B" at table one and players "C" and "D" at table two. So "A" wins at table one and "C" wins table two, then "A" vs "C" in the next round. Now this is for individuals. For those interested, Let me know and I will Pair people together at random.

2. majoz,

Is this really just a scopone tournament? I was looking for a scopone escoba one. That's more fun, ain't it?

3. Slim_Shady,

So this tournament will be Scopone with the Manual trick mode turned on. Some people are also not quite familar with all the variants yet. I'm going to collect people names that are interested in playing into a spread sheet for a week and then post the info about whom is against whom. Depending on the amount people interested, I would like to have three people at each table.

4. BellaCat6666,

I'm in

5. Adventure-Time,

I would join if the variant chosen was scopone escoba instead of standard scopone.

6. Dayan ,

Yeah, that way I'd join, too. Or maybe not, i don't really join to tournaments too often but it would have more interested people on it. That's only my point of view.

7. me-me,

count me in. but please just send any reminder because i dont come often on pr and might forget . thanks

8. Angeleyes07,

i am so in. please remind me and keep me updated.

9. Slim_Shady,

Yes the vairant will be Escopa with the manual trick mode turned on.
So Far I have 6 interested ppl. I will Send Reminds a week before.

10. BellaCat6666,

you still haven't posted any times...

11. Slim_Shady,

Once I know who is all interested, I can work out the best time for everyone

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