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1. BhavyaShah,

'Millions of online bloggers in and ‘netizens’ on the planet. Here’s one more joining you – my name is Bhavya Shah, and I belong to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
I have since long yearned for online presence in the form of a self-made YouTube channel or a Wordpress blog, and the latter is what I have succeeded in creating for now! Named 'Hiking Across Horizons' (in honour of this unpredictable multi-dimensional life I live), this blog features content pertaining to topics which are often either stigmatized or trivialized, my endless ramblings about Model UN and other passions of mine, and particularly noteworthy experiences I sometimes have as a totally blind young fifteen-year-old.
Check out my blog 'Hiking Across Horizons' at and the quoted introductory article at
I would sincerely appreciate any and all feedback about HAH. Do spread the word about it and follow the blog to be the first to be notified when new content is uploaded! :)

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2. Giovani,

Oh, that's nice. I love blogging and blogs, I have some blogs too, for example one with Ethnic music videos in Slovak language and another in English, also some philosophical blogs too. But, I rather write in Slovak, because there are various things in Slovakia, which can be solved maybe. I don't want to explain It. So, I'll check this blog as soon, as possible.
For information, one of My blogs is (but It sometimes countains alternative views):
Thanks alot.

3. Carinchen,

we have a blog too. Unfortunately, its in german. But you probably can use google translator.
the url is:

4. BhavyaShah,

Giovani and others - Ah, it is a pity I won't be able to check your blogs out due to language barriers. Hope you all can take a look at Hiking Across Horizons (my blog) at least. Glad to know however that there are many prolific bloggers in the blind community already. :)

5. Giovani,

Don't worry. It is also motivation for me to work also, on My English blog.

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