Belote tournament results

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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!

I would like to tell congratulations to Undertaker and player01, whose team has won the belote tournament which has concluded yesterday.
They have played marina7 and Fawaz, both team deserved to be in the final, cuz they have made an excellent match.
Under;s and player01's team leaded so far, because their luck was so generous with them, they have taken the countract, round, after round, floating quickly to the star of the victory. Just in some rounds the other team tried to stop them, they even made a super comeback, cuz marina7's team has made a match, then some nice rounds, but it was not enough, cuz it seemed that Under's and player01's luck was unbeatable.
They have won thatmatch, score 1414 to 1206. They gambled a lot and won, being the champions of this belote tournament.
Many congratulations to them!
There were many interesting matches, personaly, I've enjoyed to watch all of them..
The matches of the quarter-final were as follow:

  1. Alesia Furki vs Chips Cristina, score 1081 to 536
  2. undertaker player01 vs Snowflake ynwa, score 1081 to 599
  3. Jose prabhu vs Everyone Adventure-time, score 1011 to 689
  4. Marina7 Fawaz vs Guliwer MagicalKrrish, score 1041 to 769
  5. The matches of the semi-final were:
  6. Undertaker Player01 vs Jose Prabhu, score 1202 to 984
  7. Marina7 Fawaz vs Alesia Furki, score 1242 to 366
  8. The match of the final was:
    Undertaker Player01 vs Marina7 Fawaz, score 1414 to 1206
    i would like to thank to all of you, who participated in this belote tournament, especially to Snowflake's ynwa's team, Jose's prabhu's team, Undertaker's player01's team, whose attitude and behavior have proved that the tournaments could be very ok, if all teams would be as they were. They always turned up on the time to play their matches, they never accused anyone of cheating, and never complained when they lost.
    I would be the happiest person if anytime when I organize a tournament, there would be players as those mentioned above.
    It was not a smooth tournament, unfortunately it has not concluded on the 20th of march, as I've planed to be, because some players were quite careless, irresponsible and even rude. I am sorry cuz I am forced to point this out. It would be better for the future tournaments, if the players would think of their schedule before they sign up, cuz it is absolutely tiring and annoying to stay and wait for those who should play, but they did not turn up, nor informed the organizers or players that they will not be able to make it.
    I am pleased though that all teams turned up to play, even if some of them made it hardly.
    When I organize a tournament, my goal is to not have absent teams or players and cause of it i was so tolerant and flexible, and always tried to be nice to every player and understand them. I have a lot of patience, I never give up, but please understand guys, that not all people can be so and each tournament depends of the attitude of all of us, organizers and players as well.
    Hope each experience gives us a good lesson from what we can learn a lot, as I did, organizing this belote tournament.
    Anyway, I thank to all of you, for your effort and patience, cuz I could say, it was a tournament of waiting and telling almost always, go, play faster, do not cheat. It was embarrassing and unfortunately those who behaved like that seemed to not realise this.
    My advice is to all those players who can not accept that they can lose, to stay quiet in their corner and for the future to not participate in any tournament.
    Who can not accept the defeat, should not play, cuz the games are about winning or losing.
    Saying all this, I would like to close the belote tournament topic and inform all of you that tomorrow at 19:00 (7 p m) U K time, a quick yahtzee tournament will start. Who will want to watch, can ask to be invited.
    Thank to all of you!
    The best wishes, Cristina!

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