New Blog Post: (1) Getting Back on Track)

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1. BhavyaShah,

'My parents were redirected to special schools, recommended
home-schooling, and provided the most preposterous suggestions to
somehow continue, or in certain instances, completely disband my
further education.'
There are a lot of people I need to thank, troubles I needed to face,
and lessons I learnt in the process of resuming normalcy in lifestyle,
education and day-to-day tasks - a journey I wanted to capture in a
series of blog posts on 'Hiking Across Horizons'. Whilst I have
progressed reasonably well with accepting my disability IMO, I must
confess that I still lack in performing fundamental activities such as
independent mobility. Presenting thus is the story of MY life so
far, and its first part 'Getting Back on Track'!
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Blog Address:
Feedback is always appreciated, and do spread the word and follow the
blog at!

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

Do we need every post to be on the forum? Don't get me wrong nothing against your blog, but you posted about it, those who want will follow it. We aren't subscribed to the blog's newsletter and this isn't twitter to announce new posts.

3. BhavyaShah,

Ummm, I thought sharing new blog posts (whicch will eventually decelerate to a weekly or fortnightly exercise) would be on-topic for the Tea Room section of the Playroom. Regardless, your contradicting argument holds substance too, so since these threads are apparently resulting in annoyance for some, I'd be happy to cease doing so in the future. I stand by what I did earlier though, because more generic discussions about blindness and technology (two primary topics of the blog) have always been enthusiastically discussed and talked about on the Playroom forum, and thus posting pertinent articles shouldn't be classified as anything further from that.

4. Nikola-Jovic ,

I didn't tell you it's off topic, in fact you can technically post anything in tea room as long as it's not spam which yours definitely isn't, i just said that i don't think you should post every time, or if you want that just have it all in one topic.

5. Oana-tN,

Or, maybe, you can create one topic and all of our posts to be posted there. that way no one will get annoyed of your topix, and you will be able to post them easier.

6. Pavkov,

Creating own topic for blogg is not a good idea because of two reasons.
First: you can not reply to the topic if your message is last, because playroom count it as a spam.
Second: Even if he would ask admins to allow him to reply on his messages, that is not good. Everyone who has blog could ask to have his topic here for his blog.

7. The-Queen,

I do not think adds are a good topic for here. I do appreciate the info you shared. It seems kinda useful. The place for it is not here though.

8. Aminetr25 ,

I guess it is, but could we please do that in one topic?

9. helleon,

thanks for the free advert, but this is not the place.

10. EbonyVelvet,

Ads happen. If they want to post their blog in a free topic room, let them. The topic title expressly says something about a blog. If you don't want to read about blogs, don't open the topic. skipping a topic is very simple. Just hit the down arrow.

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