Regarding useless topics in the forum.

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1. The-Queen,

Hello everybody,
As the subject mentions, I want to ask why do many people post useless topics in the forum?
That is my question, and now the some suggestion about that.
Guys, private messaging system is created in playroom exactly for topics that players should share between each other.
In PPM as I call it, which means permanent private messages you can create a group of people to chat to.
You can also go to a free table and have a conversation over there.
I do not think that topics like blocks, songs or whatever else that is not really regarding the game is really accurate to be posted in here.
This is what I wanted to share an opinion about.
Do not take it offensively. Everybody has their own opinion and everybody has the right to say it, even though sometimes or most of the times arguments happen. I hope you all have a great day, night or afternoon depending on the place you live.

2. Adventure-Time,

Umm, noooo!
These blog shares and songs you're talking about are fairly welcome here in my opinion. They belong to the forum section known as the tea room. There's nothing wrong with sharing something you find cool with the world around. In most of the forums there's some off topic room created for such purposes. If you're not interested in reading these posts, simply skip the tearoom section and explore the other ones.

3. Mayana,

Useless? I wouldn't call them useless. Not everyone has the same interests, for sure, but that doesn't mean something is useless. It would be useless if they spammed the forum with 100 topics with random letters and numbers. For now, I think it's just fine. However, it would be better if each blogger created one topic and posted all of the updates there, that would solve a lot of problems.

4. fire-starter,

i agree with adventure and mayana. Why is there a tea room with no fun? give me 10 reasons and we´ll talk again

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

It would actually be better if we had no blog advertisements here, but that's just me

6. sound2,

It depends what you call useless. As has been said the tearoom is a place for any kind of discussion. One could argue that a topic calling itself useless is useless, it depends who you are talking too. I do understand that if you go to recent topics then a number of topics come up but they are not all in the same section. I do agree with the person that commented on posting updates too blogs, but maybe it's a way of letting your readers know, I don't know. In any caseI skip the topics I don't like. I read ones that interest me. The same can be done.

7. EbonyVelvet,

In my opinion, complaining about useless posts, or those you find useless, is more useless than the illegedly useless posts are. If you don't like a post, skip it. Get over yourself and get a life.

8. Slavista,

As the subject mentions, I want to ask why do many people post useless topics in the forum?

Welcome to the team dude... :D :D

9. The-Queen,

As I said and will repeat all of us have heads and opinions so I do not argue at all. By the way I do appreciate everybody's opinion.

10. Everyone,

Yes, the useless posts need to go. For example... This topic right here is pretty useless IMO.

11. Giovani,

I must also connect. This is tea room, not just forum about Gameroom.
For example, if somebody wants to present Yourself publically, OK so post It here to the Tea room.
But, if It somebody threatened here, It must be removed, this topic.

12. helleon,

sorry people i agree with aisha. if you wanna post about your blog put it in your status, as you would in your twitter or other social media platforms, the places that are specific to information about you. This is a forum for the playroom, about the playroom. like i said put your blog links in your status for those on your friend's list to look at. OK I would accept topics on other games and such i suppose, such as the one about audiogames in general, but that would be my limit.

13. Oana-tN,

In my opinion, the tea room was created for discutions about everithing, notonly about the game.

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