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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hey everyone. This topic is almost related to Playroom, assuming that you have already installed BGT on your computer in order to get it to work.
So simply, this piece of code, which took me about 1 minute or even less, counts how many characters in a text. Since our status messages can only contain 90 characters, we probably don't know how many did we even write. So, here is the solution. The reason why I am not uploading it nor converting it into an executable file is because it doesn't worth! Installing BGT and saving the file in as.bgt is not so hard.

void main()
string s=input_box("Text", "Type in the text!");
alert("Info", "The text you put has a total of "+s.length()+" characters");

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

And here is the exe as most of people probably don't use BGT!AnMpOqKlnLpGhRQyt8iGIDl_3U0T

Latest edition by Nikola-Jovic , Apr 6 2017 20:11:04

3. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, there are already other pages which can do the job, but thanks anyway! Do you know what should be funny to do? A script that checks if, the statuss is suitable (countaining less than 90 characters), valanced (countaining exactly 90 characters) and not switable (countaining more than 90 characters) and once one of those three conditions are met, it would display some message telling the user what happened. For example, if a line exceeds 90 characters it would say "Sorry, I think someone tried to put is social esay into a statuss message..." Or something like that. Hehe I mean it must not be done now, but this is just a crazy idea I came up with. :D

Kind regards!

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I don't completely get you, but rofl. I can do something like, if a status is written, it would show some text when pressing enter. for example if Nikola-Jovic has a status saying hey everyone, you can type hey everyone into the edit box, and when you press enter you get a dialog saying hi to you too.

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