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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi guys, I've got a webradio called Radio Pierpaolo and I would like to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 but I need a person who put the streaming of the three live shows on skype or on TeamTalk. How can I do this thing? Is there someone who wants to help me? Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. opusti_se ,

It's all about relaxing.

3. Slavista,

Yo, drugar, it was innocent post from you, anyways who asked about your opinion? :P Pier, i would like to help ya with broatcasting but i am technical nerd...

4. the-raven,

relaxing? rofl

5. RadioPierpaolo,

News about someone who wants to help me to put the streaming?

6. EbonyVelvet,

Relaxing... what? That's the second thread I've seen this nonsense in. We know relaxing is good, but that is contradictory to the topics at hand.

7. opusti_se ,

Yes you are right I should relax and follow the topic

8. the-raven,

omg? rofl

9. RadioPierpaolo,

Please help me because the 9th of May will be soon.

10. EbonyVelvet,

yes. you should relzx and follow the topic. lol

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

100 topics on the forum are making sense, and the rest is off topic

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