Results of the Easter Special Uno Tournament.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Happy Easter to all, We have yet again concluded a successful uno tournament over the two days. This time the title went to Egypt. Midomido defied all odds to clame his first uno title championship here on this platform. Alot of upsets and tumbling of heavy weights were the major topic through out the tournament.

Midomido played Captain-nemo in the finals, whereby, Midomido took control of the game right from the beginning and kept it going till the final scores: Midomido- 225 and Captain-Nemo- 525. The other players who finished in top four were Guliwer and Ilhan.

I would like to thank the participants who turned up on time and took part in the tournament, as we all know no event is successful with the participants, so thank-you all for your time and commitment towards this popular game on the playroom! A special thanks goes to my team mate, fawaz, for being there from the pre-plan till the duration of the tournament and to those who helped me in hosting the other tables conjuntionly.

I would like to drive a special point of the introduction of the time limit in this tournament, some players did enjoy the time limits and some may have not, but all in all from the organizers point of view it was a tool of saving times during a match. We ran 63 match's over the 2 days and it went faster than before, we managed to finish two hours earlier than the previous organized uno tournaments. This changes the stretigies of many players but it does helps in the speed of a player.

With this few comments and a huge congratulations to Midomido for winning the tournament, enjoy the rest of the coming tournaments and big shout out from the Uno team, till the next time this is Krrish saying take care and cheers!

Kind regards,

MagicalKrrish And Fawaz.

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2. MissEstrellaVega,

Greetings from Lithuania!

Well, I felt this tournament being really special first of all from the organisational point of view. You guys really made good job and I don';t know factual information, but felt as this tournament had least of abscences and misunderstandings and chaos. At least from the ones i've taken part in. Secondly, even I had dam connection and couldn't play my best, I felt so fun and chill! means the participants made nice and friendly atmosphere! And finally, we got unexpected result what interests most always! So thank you guys and looking forward for the coming tournaments

tripple chears!


3. me-me,

i also want to congratulate the best team ever for organising this uno tournament. in my oppinion it was bit crazy (refering to 5 secs time limit(, but after all was fun and i experienced something new this time. also for me the connection was totally bs, but i cant complain because after all i am not yet in that great uno player's list. but anyway i did my best lol. this time made a progress , turned up on time at least. :d:d:d aa and midomido shouldnt had wined but congrats anyway. :P. catch you all to next uno tournaments.! stay with love !

4. Angelina-princess,

Well done organisers & all of participants. It was really interesting tournament with time limit though my net sometimes is crazy & I'm so slow with others. However, I had a nice time to be in & did my best.
One more thing, I hadn't ever come to the next round in uno tournament but with time limit I was in the quarters. That's my success & I'm really happy. Hope to be better than in the next tournament. :)
Thanks for organisers who had hard work and congratulations to Midomido.

5. midomidomido,

thanks friends .. and gl for all at next tournaments

6. policeman1,

Thanks for the uno tourney organizers and am looking for another one!.

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