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1. YNWA,

We would like to congratulate Efsun for becoming the 2017 Hearts champion in the playroom. Although there was a small number of people taking part the games were exciting and competitive. Although Hearts is a very new game to the Playroom we have already got some very good Hearts players in the English section.

I know having the tournament on Friday was not ideal for some but that was the only way it could be fitted in. Considering all the obsticles and challenges with trying to make Quiz Party available for people I think we just about managed it. I think it was better to play the tournament than cancelling it altogether. I know people enjoyed the Hearts tournament. We would like to thank everybody including all the players who took part for making it an interesting tournament.


End of round.
efsun has shot the moon!
efsun loses 10 points.
ediz gets 26 points.
fawaz gets 26 points.
angelina-princess gets 26 points.

efsun: 42.
ediz: 65.
fawaz: 101.
angelina-princess: 120.

efsun is the winner of the game !

We would like to Thank Adventure-Time and Badgirl for their help and support for being there just in case Snowflake had any further issues due to too many of her Snowflake friends hanging around outside as she had an unusual amount of snow around for this time of the year.

Once again Efsun well done as you are the worthy Hearts champion.

Snowflake & YNWA

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