results of the draw for spades tournament.

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1. serbian ,

Group A:
zulfqar007and snowflake, Sunny and Farhan, Genti and desire
Group B:
Cristina and Aurel, Serbian and Vojvoda, Alesia and Furki
Group C:
Bastibasti and Dzoni, Badgirl and Adventure-time, Policeman1 and Sirene
Group D:
Chipss and Lino, tehseen andh smoody, Dalibor and Earthquake

2. Badgirl,

Can you remind me when is the tournament? And what is the system?

3. serbian ,

we will make 4 tables for 4 groups, every table will have one leader. Two best from each group will go to the quarter. In the quarter we will draw pairs randomly again. On Saturday we will play group matches and sunday quarter and the rest. If any team want to play earlyer, if saturday and sunday 8 pm berlin and 7 pm UK time doesn't sound good we can try to organize the matches earlier.

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